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Re: Re: raid frames
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Originally posted by Monolit I actually hurt my brain trying to understand that request, but I think what you are looking for is already implemented cfg.lua: cfg.showparty = true cfg.soloON = false cfg.partyON = false to cfg.showparty = false cfg.soloON = false cfg.partyON = true this will enable party frames...
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raid frames
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love the ui. had a quick question on raid frames. i like not having to use grid. however i was wondering if there was an option to show self and show party. so you get the grid style raid frames with 5 frames while in party. however hide self when solo theres no need for 2 player frames while not in a raid or party. th...
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Originally posted by thatguyzp Ha...
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Originally posted by thatguyzp Having an issue with the hotkeys (i'm taking a guess here), below is an image of what happens when selecting somebody to attack or whatever. Using the latest version off WoWI. http://project-kl.net/zp/actionbuttonstyler.jpg getting the same issue.. Tried to play around in the code. Couldnt fi...
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Ive been up and down with this all day. layout is great. trying to tweak little things and most of them i do understand. not a big lua guy. more of an xhtml css person myself but hey whats the difference right :-p... anyways. i got colors textures and borders down easy. but cant figure out how to change text.. ay help would...