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File: CooldownWatch11-13-08
Is there any way to make it so the...
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Is there any way to make it so the cooldown bars+icon only appear when those skills are actually on cooldown? Right now all the skills that I track always have the bar+icon up.
File: BuffTimers10-21-08
Thanks for updating this. Been usin...
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Thanks for updating this. Been using the version from 2006 for the longest time.
File: Arena Historian06-26-08
Arena Historian crashing WoW
Posted By: TrashBear
This is happening to me and my partner on my 2s team. On a clean install of the latest version with no previous data file the first match goes ok, it records the data just fine. But on the second match it produces this error like it can't write the data now that one match has already been recorded. http://img204.imageshack.us/my.p...