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Originally posted by runamonk Gre...
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Originally posted by runamonk Great addon. The only thing I can think of that's missing is Friend and Guild information. :) I whipped up a couple plugins for friends and guilds. I just changed them both around a bit so they use the proper events instead of always polling the guild and friend lists for updates. You can also click...
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Looks like I really need to dive in...
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Looks like I really need to dive into your code and figure it all out in case it breaks. Take care! Flarin if you want to dig in here is some nice info for you its quite usefull :) http://www.wowwiki.com/World_of_Warcraft_API
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Originally posted by Aezay I actu...
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Originally posted by Aezay I actually quit WoW now, but since I didn't make many changes to this mod, I never bothered to release the latest version. But I guess I can do it since you ask :) I am unable to test this code in action now, but it worked fine some weeks ago. sad to hear you quit m8 thanx alot for charing your la...
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Just give us a beta ;) im sure we can live with that it is some bugs :banana: