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File: Ackis Recipe List10-28-10
Originally posted by Talissa is t...
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Originally posted by Talissa is there anyway this can gray out items or color code them accordingly when buying recipes, this way when i go to buy recipes i dont have to put my mouse over it to see if i already know it. I loved this about Recipebook but the mod doesnt work anymore. I would love to see SOMEONE do this to a recipe m...
File: Cosplay04-17-09
Originally posted by Yardie I agr...
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Originally posted by Yardie I agree with Terranell. This add-on seems so small and simple, yet it's one of those I MUST have. Once you have it, you really miss it when it's not there. Just reaffirming this, it's one of the first on my list of "gotta have it" addons. Thank you!
File: Altoholic04-12-09
Recipe Tracking across accounts?
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I love this addon so much. The only thing I'm curious about is the known/unknown recipe tracking. It doesn't seem to track those across shared accounts, am I doing something wrong or is that just not implemented yet? for example: Alt1 on Account1 knows Enchanting Alt2 on Account2 sees Alt1's recipes in the altoholic window,...
File: TomTom01-24-09
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I'm curious if anyone has considered setting up macros to add a continents worth of elders as waypoints. This is for the current lunar festival. >.> edit: My apologies, someone on wowhead had posted that exact information in one of the comments there. http://www.wowhead.com/?achievement=911#comments
File: SendSelf10-17-08
WTB Update! :)
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Originally posted by Reesaa would really love to see an update for this mod ....... It's not working right now Ditto, I love this mod... :(