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File: Aloft10-13-10
Nameplates on opposite faction
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How do you make it show nameplates for the opposite faction when they don't have PvP enabled?
File: Group Calendar 411-11-08
Group Calendar Website
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Are you going to be posting the beta versions on your website? (http://wobbleworks.com/)
File: AlphaMap10-25-08
Re: Changes in v3.33.30000 from v3.32.30000
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Originally posted by Telic - if using AlphaMap to change the original WorldMap, this release fixes scaling issues with the WorldMap Tooltip - fix to on map corpse icons - fix to stop taint issues from blocking Set Focus and Clear Focus actions from drop down menus - fix to 'zone' drop down population when in Instances, BGs...
File: LightHeaded07-01-08
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I've installed Lightheaded reinstalled it even tried older versions and I keep getting this error. Error: attempt to concatenate field 'version' (a nil value) Addon: Lightheaded File: Lightheaded.lua Line: 1024 Count: 1 Nevermind turned out Curse Client kept restoring a corrupted version so I had to go into SavedVariables an...