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File: Perfectinterrupt06-23-11
Posted By: CrazX
I can see this addon being gamebreaking when heavily modified for arena. Especially if you can mod it to the point where you can't interrupt while target has certain buffs, such as buffs that allow the target to not be interrupted, such as inner focus talent'd, aura mastery, divine shield etc. Especially if you can add this into...
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian06-13-11
2 minor display bugs
Posted By: CrazX
2 minor bugs I've noticed in the first few days of using: 1) If you are looking at the battleground score screen and the game ends while you have it open, the game will not be recorded. 2) If you join a game late, and the game is already over before you join it will mess up your stats tab, and the name of the battleground will...
File: Altoholic10-02-08
suggest - pvp honor kills
Posted By: CrazX
I'd like to suggest a feature for listing honor kills + honor available on each char & total honor kills + honor for all chars combined. Since I have so many 70's... aka an altoholic, it's interesting to know that all my chars combined have 180,000 kills and 500,000 honor to spend. I currently use a very simple addon that does th...
File: HonorSpy10-02-08
small bug - info going on wrong lines
Posted By: CrazX
char + realm name section needs to be wider. A long char and/or realm name will end up taking 2 lines, which puts honor & honor kills on the wrong lines for all additional chars. Easily tested by creating 2 chars on a lengthy server name like "The Forgotten Coast" Nice cool addon for those that pvp on many chars.. nice to know...