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File: Raid Counsel04-06-15
Re: LUA Error
Posted By: phelpsben
hi, just installed your Addon and get the following LUA Error 1x RaidCounsel\RaidCounsel.lua:301: attempt to index global 'InspectFrame' (a nil value) RaidCounsel\RaidCounsel.lua:301: in function Locals: That's probably caused by other addons messing with the inspect frame, I added a check...
File: Simple Anti-Spam05-17-13
Well I use badboy and haven't seen...
Posted By: phelpsben
Well I use badboy and haven't seen chat spam for a while atm I think the goldspamers are concentrating on the calender event spem :mad: I'll look into filtering those.
File: Simple Anti-Spam05-15-13
Why? They are spaming in english on...
Posted By: phelpsben
Why? They are spaming in english on German relams too. Haven't seen any german goldspamer yet :D If you could send me some screenshots of normal realm chat with some spams I could work on allowing other languages. I only speak english so I can't really do much for other languages.
File: Simple Anti-Spam01-15-12
How is this different from Badboy,...
Posted By: phelpsben
How is this different from Badboy, both in function and how it works (point-based) Simplicity. I was looking for an anti-spam addon before I began to write this, and I couldn't find one that just worked. They all included extra features to report the player, limit by level, block guild spam, GUIs to change settings, huge complex...
File: mUI11-28-10
A Few Bugs
Posted By: phelpsben
The mini menu buttons, a few of those dont hide until mouseover. Guild, Talents, and Achievements. When switching specs, the XP/Rep bar is set back to its default width. Still using it and I hope you keep it updated, I love the default UI but hate all the unneeded clutter, and this fixes that.
File: mUI10-17-10
Would be awesome if you could suppo...
Posted By: phelpsben
Would be awesome if you could support ButtonFacade.
File: ncUI03-18-10
I looked at the chat.lua file, and...
Posted By: phelpsben
I looked at the chat.lua file, and I have a overall good understanding of LUA from my knowledge of other languages. But I cannot seem to find where i can change the width of the chat frame. I play with a widescreen monitor so i can afford to have a little wider chat frame. Any help would be awesome. Also, a buff watcher, ju...