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Re: Re: macro binding bug
Posted By: masterbeef
i did test this with all other addons disabled even removing all addon saved variables. try to make sure that you clicked on the user specific tab in the macro frame before binding since I hook the clicking on that button. just tried that and it does work if i click the user specific tab again while binding mode is activated.
File: ncHoverBind02-13-10
macro binding bug
Posted By: masterbeef
first just wanna say thanks for making this and your other addon's i really love lightweight efficiant software. the problem appeared when i upgraded from 1.0 to 1.1. when trying to bind a user specific macro hb would instead bind to a macro from the general macro tab that shared the same block placement as the user macro. ie i bindi...
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i've been having a stange issue wit...
Posted By: masterbeef
i've been having a stange issue with the recent update. for some reason closing the bank window does't actually close it. right clicking on an item will still put it in the bank after i've closed the window. i have to actually move far enough away from the banker to actually close it. i noticed this when trying to change a stack of...