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File: VuhDo11-04-10
Extra Frames
Posted By: Undertakor
I'm not sure if anyone has asked this (didnt see it in forum for past couple pages) and I've played w/ the configuration for several days: All I need is the raid frames to see whose alive and whose dead, but for some reason I have a Main Tank window, Private Tank window (whatever that is), and a third window that lists a couple pe...
File: nUI: DeathKnight Dashboard Skin08-13-10
Petrah, I love the artwork you d...
Posted By: Undertakor
Petrah, I love the artwork you did of various classes for nUI. I also like the idea Scott did for Gloss Black in regards to the frame extending a background for the top 3 main action bars. It helps me "visually" find my buttons faster! Can you incorporate that into those class themes you created?
File: SilverDragon04-16-09
Re: Re: problems...
Posted By: Hollingsworthrl
Originally posted by Kemayo Make sure you have "load out of date addons" checked in your addon options. I haven't uploaded a version with a bumped TOC yet. Ok thanx, works better now :)
File: SilverDragon04-15-09
Posted By: Hollingsworthrl
I just downloaded and installed this addon but the only thing I see is the minimap button (which doesnt allow me to click for options) and also i tried /silverdragon and /silverdragon config but neither will bring up any menu for me to customize the options. Did i miss something?