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File: PerfectRaid10-05-06
Adding special debuff notify
Posted By: splatter
hi Cladhaire, i LOVE this addon!!! best raidframes EVER!!!! i have one question - would it be possible to add a simple method to add custom debuffs/buffs to show up lile poisons, curses, magics od disease do? this way encounters like maexxna would be SO damn easy for the healers. do u understand what i mean? greetings splatter
File: PerfectRaid06-17-06
hi, i love this addon an i like it...
Posted By: splatter
hi, i love this addon an i like it much more than the good old ct_raidassist groups. with one quick watch u can see what is happening to the raid. one thing i missing and would be so great. do you know "forecast": http://www.curse-gaming.com/de/wow/addons-3948-forecast.html this mod schows you incoming heals (and other casts)...
File: PerfectRaid03-07-06
Posted By: splatter
nice addon!!! very nice idea!