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File: Caith UI03-24-10
Thank you Caith! Originally post...
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Thank you Caith! Originally posted by Caith So, my server is finally online. The following addons working currently not as intended: PitBull4 kgPanels Gladius I'm working on an update.
File: Caith UI12-29-09
Hi Caith, Thanks again for shari...
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Hi Caith, Thanks again for sharing your latest version of the UI compilation. Continued support I rank this as the best there is, best in every category. Happy new Year, best wishes 2010.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames11-28-09
this is great!
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Hi, I discovered your unit frames after reading the update on mmo-champion.com posted yesterday, prior to yesterday i was using pitbull. I have to say this is a fine set of frames and I want to thank your hard work and sharing of this addon with the community. keep up the great work! Doomjuice/Skullcrusher-US Horde
File: Afflicted311-11-09
why doesnt this work in arena, it s...
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why doesnt this work in arena, it seems to disable itself soon as i zone into arena although the configuration menus are still there.
File: SpellAlerter11-10-09
not functioning in arena
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why does this addon always seem to disable as soon as i zone into arena?? i can still view the configurations via /sa and run the 'test' option but nothing more than that. need help please!!
File: Caith UI09-12-09
Hi Caith, I've been a fan of you...
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Hi Caith, I've been a fan of your compilation for quite some time. The new update was a great treat for fans of your layout. Classtimers was a great addon for maxing out some of our DPS. I don't see a functional replacement in this new package however I do recommend 'updated need 2 know' it's pretty nice. http://www.wowinte...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 312-26-08
SBF - dismiss buffs
Posted By: Doomjuice
i'm using the latest SBF released 12/26 (btw love the addon) however i'm unable to right click to dismiss buffs. i have verified that i do not have the check box enabled to prevent right click and have even tried turning it on and off. has anyone else experienced this ? i am also using buttonfacade, latest version.
File: Caith UI10-28-08
Hi Caith, I want to thank you so...
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Hi Caith, I want to thank you so much for offering the most outstanding UI the community has to offer, I have been using your revisions of the compilation for as far back as i can remember the first release. You are a very talented individual and I will be sending my Donations via Paypal as a thanks and hopes you continue the ama...