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File: I Interrupted That04-27-11
This add-on stopped working for me...
Posted By: Toabo
This add-on stopped working for me after Patch 4.1. I don't get any LUA errors, but my interrupt no longer trigger the add-on's announcement. This happening for anyone else?
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills12-08-10
Originally posted by Koreos Simil...
Posted By: Toabo
Originally posted by Koreos Similar to the recent posts, after learning Archeology I no longer see Tailoring in the list. Same thing happened to me. Was working fine initially, and then Tailoring dropped off the list.
File: Possessions (WotLK 3.3)10-14-10
Originally posted by Szyarah 2....
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Originally posted by Szyarah 2. Zidomo's mod: A. Comment out the existing lines 1542-1547 and put changes below them so that lines 1542-1556 now look like the following. Those line numbers will change after doing modifications 2) & 3) below, but don't worry about it: Code: --elseif( event == "VARIABLES_LOADED" ) then -...
File: Ara Broker SpecSwitcher06-25-10
CTRL Click
Posted By: Toabo
Perhaps this is just me, but whenever I CTRL Click, I just get my spec placed into a /Say chatbox. No idea what's causing it. *shrug*
File: Possessions (WotLK 3.3)06-20-10
Much praise for the resurrection!
Posted By: Toabo
Possessions has been my favorite mod for tracking inventory across alts for ages. I love how it gives you a nice simple total of all the items and then breaks that out by where the items are located. Other add-ons (Altoholic being one of the best) just don't quite offer the same focused simplicity that Possessions does at this feat...
File: Possessions07-17-08
Re: Feature request.
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Originally posted by askjosh Please give us the ability to turn on and off the display of items from specific guild banks. I'd second this request. I realize that for those folks who create guilds for their bank alts this is a welcome feature. However, for those of us who have characters in actual guilds with Guild Banks that...