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File: PhotoRobot12-09-14
Does this AddOn work correctly for...
Posted By: Zeronic
Does this AddOn work correctly for patch 6.0.3?
File: Neav UI09-28-10
Visible party frames - fixed
Posted By: Zeronic
Originally posted by ballagarba Try this, open oUF_Neav\oUF_Neav.lua and go to row 1168 or something like that and change to the following: local party = oUF:SpawnHeader("oUF_Neav_Party", nil, visible, "showParty", true, "yOffset", -30 ) So instead of "raid, party" you have visible. That fixed it, thank you ver...
File: Neav UI09-27-10
Party Frames
Posted By: Zeronic
Originally posted by Namica Same Problem here... I only see Raidframes, but no Party Frames. Anyone who knows what I'm doing wrong? I am running the latest version of Neav_UI. I can't see the Party Frames when I am in a party. Also not when I am in a raid and in oUF_NeavRaid.lua I have: 'showParty', true, and in oUF_Neav.lu...
File: Neav UI07-26-10
Originally posted by cokedrivers...
Posted By: Zeronic
Originally posted by cokedrivers To better show what I'm talking about on the Chat Conversation issue here are some screen shots. Normal Chat Border and Tabs. http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/3797/normalchat.th.jpg Problem chat Tab (Conversation Tab) http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/5241/chatissue.th.jpg Any help on...
File: Neav UI02-26-10
I get disconnected when I open my c...
Posted By: Zeronic
I get disconnected when I open my character pane. After some research I found out that oGlow is causing the disconnection. 1. With all AddOns enabled except for oGlow, there is no problem. 2. With all AddOns disabled except for oGlow, there comes a disconnection when I open my character pane. Same for when all AddOns are enabled...
File: Neav UI12-24-09
Merry Christmas
Posted By: Zeronic
Glad to see Neal active on this great AddOn package. Can't find anything similar to UoF_Neav and nMainbar, plus the matching Minimap and Buffs :) However, take your time Neal. Enjoy Christmas and New Years Eve plus the day after to recover xD We won't die from not having an update NeavUI. Keep up the great work <3 Everybody...
File: Neav UI12-16-09
Originally posted by Neal OMG I f...
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Originally posted by Neal OMG I formatted the wrong harddisc... all files gone :( brb, rewrite my UI ... Oh man, /hug.
File: Neav UI12-15-09
Originally posted by Anastari If...
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Originally posted by Anastari If this could be updated, by anyone, you'll have my thanks and love forever. Have a bit of fate in Neal.
File: Neav UI09-29-09
Originally posted by Aluria hi w...
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Originally posted by Aluria hi what the hell is that: some1 whispers me: inv and suddenly it is autoinvting <.< how do i turn this off? I hate that.. has to be somethin' in ure UI, i dont have other addons up :( nCore does that.
File: Neav UI09-24-09
Originally posted by ballagarba W...
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Originally posted by ballagarba Would it be possible to... a) Add hp text to the hp bar on the tooltip? b) Add an optional mana bar (with text) c) Scan for talent spec (e.g. Destruction (00/13/58)) and show in the tooltip, i find it very useful when pugging and just checking who's doing what and just out of pure curiosity. Man...
File: Neav UI09-23-09
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Originally posted by Nidra Ich hätte auch nochmal eine Frage Neav. Ist es Möglich die Blizzard Standart anzeige für die Totemdauer wieder anzuzeigen? Die wo normalerweise unter den Player Frame hängt. Will net Extra ein Addon dafür draufhaun :O. Ich hätte dem selben Antrag. LOL, I hope that "dem" is the right word. It's s...
File: Neav UI09-16-09
Originally posted by Aluria hi...
Posted By: Zeronic
Originally posted by Aluria hi i donno why but out of nowhere nBuff suddenly creates the following bug: Message: Interface\AddOns\nBuff\nBuff.lua:9: attempt to index local 'self' (a nil value) Time: 09/15/09 14:49:58 Count: 271 Stack: :18: in function <:4> : ? Interface\AddOns\nBuff\nBuff.lua:9: in function
File: oUF_Neav09-11-09
Hello Neal, Any change about add...
Posted By: Zeronic
Hello Neal, Any change about adding totem timers under the playerframe in the future?
File: Neav UI09-07-09
Originally posted by Aluria The 2...
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Originally posted by Aluria The 2nd thing is: It doesn't save the Mousesensitivity when i adjust it in the WoW-Menu.. :S I tired to change it in WTF/config.txt after exiting WoW, but no change :S I had that with my UI Scale. What are the chat msg functions I read in nCore? I don't use them so I turned of nCore. But maybe they a...
File: Bartender405-20-09
Re: Re: Petbar
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon And what you'd do if quest pet would have something on 8 and 10 buttons? (And they do have) Aside from that, what is your real problem? Make buttons background not visible and they are all 100% transparent. Or just do not use pet panel at all, subst it with regular panel. If I need to see more b...
File: Bartender405-19-09
Posted By: Zeronic
I miss the option to adjust the amount of petbuttons on the petbar. I just need 6 of the 10 buttons displayed. Is there any way I can change that in the .lua or something? If not, can it be implemented in the next release, please?
File: nMainbar04-16-09
Hi Neal, Currently I'm experienc...
Posted By: Zeronic
Hi Neal, Currently I'm experiencing a few problems with nMainbar. 1. There is no out-of-range indication any more. 2. The key-bind text and macro text are not hidden any more. 3. The textures are gone (now it's the default Blizzard borders and background) I don't see anyone else saying this in the comments. Are these patch...
File: oUF_Neav01-13-09
Re: Re: Different health display
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Originally posted by Typh00n I really dont know the exact code to change that, but seems to me that you would change line 115/117. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I changed bar.value:SetText(NumFormat(min).." / "..NumFormat(max)) to bar.value:SetText(NumFormat(min)) and it seems to work great.
File: oUF_Neav01-12-09
Different health display
Posted By: Zeronic
I really love the simplicity of this addon. Gogo Neal! You make great addons. The health is only displayed on mouse-over. I changed that, it's now always displayed. So far, so good. Now comes the hard part for me. The health is displayed like: actual health / maximum health (example: 8000/10000). I would like to see only the actua...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar11-06-08
In the past (long time ago) I used...
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In the past (long time ago) I used Antagonist to track cooldown and buff abilities of my enemies. I remember that when a Rogue was in stealth and used Sprint (for example) then Antagonist would notice that and I got a CD and buff bar of Sprint (with the Rogue's name in it).This way I knew that there was an Alliance Rogue nearby,...
File: nMainbar11-06-08
Originally posted by Ouo Hey!...
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Originally posted by Ouo Hey! I really like your addon I also downloaded your UI compilation about a week ago and now i cant seem to find it. Been searching through the forums for some nights now. My computer broke so i lost it. Was it withdrawn or something? Cause i really miss it! Anyways would really like to be able to...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar10-30-08
Natur Project
Posted By: Zeronic
I'll do my very best to restore all the features of the original and more. Im looking at also combining Natur and the Afterlife Crowd Control addon into one with the more advanced crowd control monitoring in party and raids and the 10/5 second break timer announcements. Priority ofc is to not lose the original NECB feeling and tho...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar09-05-08
Originally posted by Maccaa Not D...
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Originally posted by Maccaa Not Dead. You probably shouldn't expect it for awhile. I'm not going to write code for now then re-do it in a few months time when 3.0 hits (Assuming most of the WotLK Interface code is patched in as well) I'm in the beta and have been working on that. Good Game. Wotlk is more important.
File: Natur Enemy Castbar08-22-08
Hmm how long is it? Like 4 months t...
Posted By: Zeronic
Hmm how long is it? Like 4 months till wotlk? Maybe this mod should be prepared for wotlk instead of working to release this beta right now.
File: Natur Enemy Castbar07-17-08
Suggestions for the seperate groups
Posted By: Zeronic
About the separate groups #1 As there will be 6 groups in the next BETA, it would be cool if you would build it like this: Create 6 anchors and have the option to put for example 2 groups under 1 anchor. Thereby you can (for example) put the Hostile Casts and Hostile Gains in 1 group. #2 I would also like to have the option...