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File: Polite Whisper Wrath Extended06-22-09
hack for german client
Posted By: pjspliff
hi, first of all thx a lot for updating this nice mod! :) secoundly if you want to make it work in foreign clients (for example in german client), just edit "localization.lua" -> on line 18-29 to: function PoliteWhisper_EnglishClasses() PW_D_DRUID = "Druid"; PW_D_HUNTER = "J\195\164ger"; PW_D_...
File: CasterWeaponSwapper08-05-08
Druides get doubel gcd sometimes, add option to not show popup
Posted By: pjspliff
Hi, me2 as a Holy-Priest have no issues with the gcd-thing but my friend plays a restro-druid and sometime it happens that he becomes doubel gcd while spamming hots. Maybe you could have a look at it, the pally addon "Bang!Libram swaps" for example has that kinda: "Anti GCD detection will abort any swaps that may cause an addi...
File: CasterWeaponSwapper07-17-08
Power Infusion no gcd
Posted By: pjspliff
I also like to thank you for updating :banana: You can also add Power infusion from Priest, as it also has no cd on activation "nonCooldownAbility3 = GetSpellInfo(10060); -- Power Infusion"