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Hi All, I have some problems wit...
Posted By: Shamahan
Hi All, I have some problems with free time, then my wife takes me to vacation... But i run back to my shaman ;) So, i upload new version with some bugfixes and totem bar. I don't check action bars on pvp but in ulduar i don't have any problems with vehicle UI. And please if you get bug describe which happens before ;)) P.S...
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Re: More bars
Posted By: Shamahan
Originally posted by Twitchyez You should make it so that you can scroll bars as on the blizzard bars where there are arrows for bar 1, 2, ect. I write code which swap bar 1 to 2 when druid is prowling and back, but I don't test it because I have only 10lvl dru ;) When I can say - That's works! I upload path but not now, sorry.
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Re: saving info
Posted By: Shamahan
Originally posted by Luciant having problem where when i log back into the game the menu bar, stance bar, bag bar, and pet bar are all reset to size 1.0, even though in the addon menu they say they aren't and i have to rest them to the size i want manually. EDIT; also it would be nice if you added a feature to allow for druids w...
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Ok guys I just upload v1.5.0 ... I...
Posted By: Shamahan
Ok guys I just upload v1.5.0 ... I try to remove vehicle problems... I test it on DK dragon (58 lvl quest) and in combat I get vehicle ui... About castbar... I don't change cb position. When I get stable action bars, I start work in that way.
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Guys combat mode lock realy kills m...
Posted By: Shamahan
Guys combat mode lock realy kills me. If anyone knows how I can switch player/vehicle mode in combat help pls. :confused: I try fix pet problems and get new one with shapeshift panel, please test.
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Thnx all
Posted By: Shamahan
I'm realy very busy now, but I by LK box and can continue development.