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File: Minimap Button Frame11-01-08
Mmmh, sorry if it was asked before...
Posted By: Pira
Mmmh, sorry if it was asked before but I couldn't find anything about it in previous posts: Where is the calendar option button? It appeared after patch and once I installed this addon I can't see it anymore. Thx in advance
File: Outfitter07-19-08
Yea! It worked. I'll post if it hap...
Posted By: Pira
Yea! It worked. I'll post if it happens again. Thank you
File: Outfitter07-18-08
Outfitter bar
Posted By: Pira
Hi, it may be something stupid but suddenly my outfitter bar disappeared. I changed icons, chose outfits to show, made it display as vertical and changed scale but don't know, after mounting it isn't where I left it. I tried the option enable/disable show outfitter bar but didn't help :( Thx in advance