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File: Tradeskill Advice10-26-11
If this is still updated I have two...
Posted By: front243
If this is still updated I have two requests: 1. Support for marketprices from the Tradeskillmaster addon 2. Recognize "needed" items while leveling a profession. By that I mean Enchanting Rods and possibly similar items for other professions.
File: AuctionNinja01-04-11
Snatch list
Posted By: front243
If there is any chance this addon gets an update I have a request: Shopping Lists like Auctioneers "snatch" feature. You select the items you want and a price threshold for the items and it will pop up if its seen.
File: AuctionNinja08-31-10
Last Page Only
Posted By: front243
Is it possible that you could check last page only on the auction-house? That way you have better chance to get the item just as it enters the auction-house. Right now I am scanning and it checks 4-5 pages and the item could be gone before I see it.
File: GemCensus08-18-10
Auctionator support and Enchanting
Posted By: front243
First: Auctionator support: I believe Auctionator, AuctionLite and AuctionMaster use a common API to access prices. I hope you plan to use this as to support all those addons. Second: I wonder if its possible you could do a similar addon for enchants?
File: Athene's Upgrade Estimator01-10-10
Getting this on my level 38 feral d...
Posted By: front243
Getting this on my level 38 feral druid: Message: ...terface\AddOns\AthenesUpgradeEstimator\AUE_Druid.lua:598: attempt to index field 'CurrentStats_Combat' (a nil value) Time: 01/10/10 23:15:21 Count: 1 Stack: ...terface\AddOns\AthenesUpgradeEstimator\AUE_Druid.lua:598: in function `ApplyStatTalents' Interface\AddOns\AthenesUp...
File: LightHeaded08-29-09
Posted By: front243
I wonder if it was possible to expand LightHeaded to include Achievements and the Achievement frame to see how some achievements are done? Not sure if that requires a complete rewrite though :)
File: LilSparky's Workshop07-21-09
I have a problem with LSW and tailo...
Posted By: front243
I have a problem with LSW and tailoring. LSW seems to default to auction house prices for vendor-items. Examples are tailoring threads (for 100+ gold each!) and different vendor dye. I tried different pricing schemes in LSW and I tried to manually install latest version of LibPeriodicTable but that didn't seem to work as well. I also...
File: TourGuide - FlawsGuides07-16-09
Full Loop - Alliance - Both Gold an...
Posted By: front243
Full Loop - Alliance - Both Gold and Reputation runs you forget to turn in "Blowing Hodir's Horn".
File: Leatrix Latency Fix06-03-09
On Vista I managed to install this...
Posted By: front243
On Vista I managed to install this using an elevated command prompt (right click and "Run as Administrator"). That's somewhat easier than disabling and enabling UAC. edit (My experience): Vista x64 SP2 Before: 100-200ms typical Now: about 30ms
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced03-14-09
Item Missing
Posted By: front243
Can't seem to locate . I am using latest version: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=37641
File: Call To Arms (monitor LFG channel)01-06-09
CensusPlus Compatibility
Posted By: front243
There seem to be a compatibility problem between the "CensusPlus" addon and this addon. I am using latest version of both. I have posted a message on the CensusPlus message-board as well just in case the problem is on their end: http://www.warcraftrealms.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=33792#33792