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File: FreeUI12-03-14
tip stat name changes
Posted By: KylieJennings
hey love the UI so much but... there is a conflict with another addon that requires me to have the tooltip to show Critical Strike instead of crit can you point me in the direction to change this? thanks so much for ur hard work!
File: Skaarj UI10-30-14
loot pickup font
Posted By: KylieJennings
hey love the ui! but just hate the font i been changing most things but cant seem to find the loot pickup window font/outline anywhere can anyone help me and direct me to the file that i could change it with.
File: FreeUI09-13-12
Font Change
Posted By: KylieJennings
Hey, trying to change to font to something i would like. i replaced the Hooge0655 with another font in the media folder with the same name and i still get computer like fonts. also changed the OUTLINEMONOCHROME to just outline on all the files i could find but it still has the older font style on unitframes/map bottom bar....
File: NugRunning12-06-10
Mirror Image Arcane Blast
Posted By: KylieJennings
when you glyph mirror images and they cast arcane blast u get a whole mess of errors something to do with the debuff on the images maybe having the same name? (just turn off arcane blast buff in the config to fix) might wanna take a look at it. great work btw.