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File: Dominos04-04-09
Originally posted by nickyjean Ho...
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Originally posted by nickyjean Holy crap. You know I cut and paste that as soon as I read your response. Cheering with glee. I can't wait to play with it. Sry I missed it earlier. Sorry, this is an aside. I too have an N52te and found the best arrangement was to keep the 12 button bars and have the 3 left buttons ('pinky'...
File: ItemRack03-04-09
Re: patch 3.1
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Hi! I've used itemrack with my druids very successfully, but I've just rolled a rogue and am having problems. I have a 'stealth' set and an 'unstealthed' one with the former on the 'stealth' event - this works when I stealth but does not change when I unstealth. It seems there is no equivalent of the druid 'humanoid form' so my un...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)02-24-09
Hi! DL'd Stuf and it looks promisi...
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Hi! DL'd Stuf and it looks promising. However,when I go into config I get the following error Date: 2009-02-24 13:46:28 ID: 66 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Stuf\icons.lua line 448: attempt to index field 'texture' (a nil value) Debug: (tail call): ? Stuf\icons.lua:448: Stuf\icons.l...
File: Ion Action Bars02-10-09
Re: Re: bars with 2 active state triggers on them
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Originally posted by Lightbright Glad you figured it out. I'm not sure that the average wow user is going to need that kind of feature, but perhaps when Maul gets back you can bring it up again. Anyone who needs that kind of advanced feature, however, can get a tutorial for setting up advanced bars or a tutorial on bar states by...
File: Combuctor01-31-09
Herb pouch
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Love the addon but there is something with my herb pouch. The herbs don't appear in the Normal window but are in the Trade window (bottom tab), if I click the Trade filter on the right I get the herbs plus other stuff. The bottom trade window is the only one which highlights when I mouse over my herb pouch. This created a problem wh...
File: Ion Action Bars01-28-09
Re: Functionality question
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Originally posted by kellewic I looked in the FAQ and the official thread, but can't find this... Is it possible to have a paged bar AND a stance bar like the default UI (and Bartender4)? I can get a paged bar or a stance bar, but not a bar where the first actionbar reacts based on stance, but actionbars 2+ stay the same rega...
File: Ion Action Bars01-22-09
Druid macros
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Originally posted by Phanx Download the version from this page, and then manually make the change that was made in the "bugfix" version; the version on this page here includes other fixes for 3.0.8 that are not present in the "bugfix" version. Open Macaroon_Bars.lua in Notepad or another plain-text editor, and search for (quotes in...
File: Ion Action Bars01-21-09
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Originally posted by kittykitty3864 I hope this is updated. I effed up and didn't back up my WoW folder. This is seriously the best bar mod out there, I feel lost without it. Even the keybind functions were seriously awesome! In the meantime, can anyone recommend a replacement? [/QUOTE I went back to the addons I had pr...
File: Sage UnitFrames01-13-09
Originally posted by Tuller I did...
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Originally posted by Tuller I did a good bit of work over the weekend, Sage 3.1.0 has the following things Target of frames. Specifically target of target and target of focus. If you look at the code, it should be really trivial to make party targets. Almost sane defaults. There's a bit more tweaking to do. Party pets....
File: Ion Action Bars11-28-08
Originally posted by Fizbyn Is th...
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Originally posted by Fizbyn Is there a way to hide a button bars when out of combat and have it appear "only" while you are in combat. the combat check box in the right click menu seems to do the opposite hiding while in combat but nothing for the other way around. Also when it does hide the bar you cannot use the buttons on that b...
File: Dominos11-14-08
Bar changing
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Hi! I've returned to Dominos after a break to see if I could get to grips with bar changing which I'd had problems with (and was the reason I discarded Dominos). I'm still having problems; I can change from action bar 1 no problem but I also want to change from bar 2 to bar 6. I set up two change macros on each - nothing. I disab...
File: Ion Action Bars10-28-08
Re: Re: Possession (again!)
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Originally posted by Maul Strange. The limit is set to 132. If you edit them, can you set them to 121-132? There is no valid action ID above 132 that I am aware of. Yes, anchor buttons, bar toggle key binds and the macro master are some of the main things I have left to do. The release candidate status is in reference to stabili...
File: Ion Action Bars10-27-08
Possession (again!)
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Hi Maul; do you ever sleep?! I have toons of different classes but like to have the same UI. For my non-pet toons I'm using the pet bar as a possession bar and it works OK, but in two of them the ID nos come up in the range 140 to 150. Will this cause problems? With the current status of the addon are you any closer to sorting ou...
File: Ion Action Bars10-24-08
Re: Re: Re: Changing bars & keybinds
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Originally posted by Bill Thanks for the prompt reply :D. The keybinds are OK now. As for the bar change, I had a similar problem with Dominos which I overcame by (gets a bit confusing here!) by disabling the 'pages' (Macaroon bars?) that a particular 'bar' (Macaroon?) would accept. I noticed an earlier poster said that he used...
File: Ion Action Bars10-23-08
Re: Re: Changing bars & keybinds
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Originally posted by Maul The bar paging system is Blizzard's. It is an all-or-nothing system. As far as the bindings go, there is two ways to approach this. First is using the "lock" binding feature. While in binding mode, left-click a button to lock its bindings. Second is to not bind alt/ctrl to your alt/ctrl bars. The binds...
File: Ion Action Bars10-22-08
Changing bars & keybinds
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Hi Maul! Really like the addon so far. Having a problem though with changing bars and keybinds. Changing bars - I used the 'cahangeactiobar' command you mentioned in an earlier post. This changed the page on my Bar1; however it also changed the page on another paged bar I had! Is there any way to change pages on one particular b...
File: Ion Action Bars10-21-08
Re: Re: Re: stance/paging
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Originally posted by Bill Done that. Thanks for the quick response :). Moving is a lot easier now. Still a bit of a problem with the combined bar though. The spells work fine until I change stance then no go. However, if I then press Ctrl or Alt they become castable after that, so it's a work around if a bit irritating. Cheers!...
File: MoveAnything10-20-08
Re: Re: Moving other frames
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Originally posted by Wagthaa The tooltip is one of a few special cases. Instead of moving GameTooltip directly, you should move the wrapper provided by this addon. The wrapper is called TooltipMover, but can also be found in the list under Misc. Screen Items -> Tooltip. The two zoning text frames, that can be found in the frame...
File: Ion Action Bars10-20-08
Re: Re: stance/paging
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Originally posted by SilverShadow Try the latest build. he made the edit boxes moveable now along with other issues. Might fix your problem as these sound familiar to what I just read in the changelog. Done that. Thanks for the quick response :). Moving is a lot easier now. Still a bit of a problem with the combined bar thoug...
File: Ion Action Bars10-20-08
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I see there have been a number of posts on this, but I have a problem. I set up a bar for my druid - np. Put a spell in button one of each stance, again np. Set up a paged bar, paging on Ctrl & Alt. Put a test spell on Ctrl & ALT pages - again np. Linked the stance bar to the paged bar page 1 and snapped the two together and it...
File: MoveAnything10-18-08
Moving other frames
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I have an unusual UI. My TV/monitor is 16:9 aspect ratio and I fancied using a viewport which makes the AP even worse. The solution I found was to use a vertical viewport and set the width to give a more acceptable 4:3 AP in the game screen. All very nice but this means that some info is not in the centre of the game screen, I'm t...