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File: oUF AuraWatch12-13-14
Re: Re: Re: Raid - Icon Frame Level
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Sure go ahead. Glad it's working!
File: oUF AuraWatch12-13-14
Re: Raid - Icon Frame Level
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Oops sorry! I gave you the wrong function. It should be icon:SetFrameStrata("TOOLTIP")
File: oUF AuraWatch12-09-14
Glad it's working! To move the i...
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Glad it's working! To move the icons up, change local yOffset = math.floor(i / columns) * yGrowth to local yOffset = math.floor(i / columns) * yGrowth + x just replace x with some number until it's in the right place. To change to the tooltip layer, after local icon = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, self) add ico...
File: oUF AuraWatch12-05-14
Hi! Sorry for the long wait! I've b...
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Hi! Sorry for the long wait! I've been busy with Thanksgiving. The problem with your above code is that you have two "for" loops, one inside the other. I think you might be able to fix the problem by just removing the second for loop. Try this: --create aura watch func func.createAuraWatch = function(self) --start t...
File: oUF AuraWatch11-16-14
Thank you! :) In general, if you...
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Thank you! :) In general, if you want to set rows of icons, I would do something like this: -- Assumes there is some list of icons to position, called icons -- Also, a parent frame (the party frame health bar for example) called parent local columns = 4 local xGrowth = 16 local yGrowth = -16 local parentAnchorPoint = "TOPR...
File: oUF AuraWatch11-12-14
After all that, I solved the proble...
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After all that, I solved the problem myself... It was not an error in your addon, but rather in the parent addon creating the frames. where func.createAuraWatch(self) was present under Party, target, focus, and anything inbetween it was missing the "func." on the raid frames. Adding it has solved the afformentioned problem w...
File: oUF AuraWatch10-19-14
Re: Re: Re: 6.0
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Hi Galaxy119, sorry for the long reply time. Had a busy week! But I resubscibed today and managed to fix one problem you may be encountering. Specifically, the Sacred Shield problem. Please let me know if you're still getting that bug. About your raid frames, I don't know why AuraWatch would have problems with them. Maybe it has s...
File: oUF AuraWatch09-16-14
Re: 6.0
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Icons don't show the shaded icon area for the ability cooldown timers, and one of the sacred shield buffs work normally, but the others are constantly displayed. That is all for 6.0.2 currently on PTR. Any chance for an update? I don't see any LUA errors relating to AuraWatch unfortunatly. Secondly, Any chance for implementing...
File: oUF AuraWatch09-07-11
Originally posted by Nevian Is th...
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Originally posted by Nevian Is there a way to always show the auras with missingAlpha (unless present, duh...) and that way not having them cleared when I leave combat or hidden when I log in? You can set onlyShowMissing to true. That should do what you want!
File: BucketBags09-03-11
@vexis58: Mulgrew's suggestion i...
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@vexis58: Mulgrew's suggestion is probably the problem! @Mulgrew8472: I'm glad you like it! I was actually in the middle of writing a big upgrade for this a few months ago, but since then I've stopped playing WoW. I'm not sure if I will pick the addon up again. Still, I'd like to hear your ideas.
File: BucketBags01-14-11
Re: Sorting
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Originally posted by Celunari So I've sorted some of my stuff around in the buckets, now I am wondering is there a way to change sorting from alphabetical to rarity based? Not without changing the code at the moment. I will look into adding this option when I can get to the big update I have planned.
File: LevelRecorder12-28-10
Good idea. I'll see what I can do.
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Good idea. I'll see what I can do.
File: BucketBags12-20-10
Re: Setup/Request
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Originally posted by Celunari So you have just about won me over with this wonderful bag mod, tho I was wondering if perhaps there is something I was missing, or something that may be possible to implement... Is there any way to get predefined definitions? Such as to put all herbs in one bucket without having to drag-n-drop each...
File: BucketBags12-18-10
I can't believe I overlooked the po...
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I can't believe I overlooked the position issue! Yes, I will definitely fix that. As for too many buckets, here's a fix for now: you can increase the bag frame's number of rows and/or reduce the size of the side buttons. Both are editable in the lua file. I like your idea for separate space counters. I assume you would want a c...
File: BucketBags12-17-10
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I haven't gotten as much feedback about this addon as I was expecting. I think it's partly because the settings' needing lua editing; so I'm planning on writing a real config window in the coming months. Do any users have comments, feature requests, or bug reports? Please comment here because I will be taking a good look at the ad...
File: Carousel12-17-10
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I think it's time for a Carousel update! In the coming months, I would like to write a new version. Mostly, I'm not happy with the configuration interface. I'm hoping to rip out all of the plugin ordering options and convert them to a more drag-n-drop method. It should make things much easier to set up. In any case, this update...
File: BucketBags10-19-10
Thanks! I'm glad you're liking it!...
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Thanks! I'm glad you're liking it! You can change those things and more in settings.lua (located in the addon folder). It's really pretty easy, so don't be intimidated by having to edit a lua file. Just open it in NotePad or something similar. Specifically, to change the background color, edit line 16 settings.BackdropColo...
File: oUF AuraWatch10-15-10
New version
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1.3.28-6 actually works with oUF 1.5.x and WoW 4.0.1, but I'm working on a new version which better conforms to oUF's new plugin standard and even gives a little more control to the user. It should be up in a day or two. @Pyrates, I'm sorry for the late response, I thought I already replied! You will need to create an OnUpdate s...
File: oUF AuraWatch08-28-10
Originally posted by Silberbüchse...
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Originally posted by Silberbüchse Hi Astro, i tryed it but it didnt work. Anything i can do with ouf_aurawatch self and bring it in the background? Unfortunately, there isn't a way to get a frame to show between a fontstring and its parent, which is why I had to create the separate "textFrame." You could try manually setti...
File: oUF AuraWatch08-19-10
Silberbüchse, Try this: http://...
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Silberbüchse, Try this: I marked the areas I edited. Hope this helps!
File: oUF AuraWatch08-15-10
Silberbüchse, Oh, the problem is...
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Silberbüchse, Oh, the problem is with your raid frames, right? Without knowing your layout's code, what I would do is create another frame, let's call it the text frame, after you create your AuraWatch icon frames. Use this text frame as the parent of the name and health fontstrings. That way, since the text frame is created af...
File: oUF AuraWatch01-13-10
By default, oUF_AuraWatch only disp...
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By default, oUF_AuraWatch only displays auras which came from you, your pet, or your vehicle. Make sure your layout is not setting the anyUnit field to true. :)
File: oUF AuraWatch01-09-10
oUF_AuraWatch actually doesn't stor...
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oUF_AuraWatch actually doesn't store of aura durations (if you have duration timers its actually coming from OmniCC or some similar addon). So, there isn't an easy way to do this without managing the aura durations yourself or modifying oUF_AuraWatch. What you could do is modify oUF_AuraWatch to store the time remaining for each b...
File: oUF AuraWatch12-08-09
Re: i think i broke it :'(
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One thing I noticed is that you didn't set a point, width, and height for the AuraWatch frame, which makes it invisible. Since the icons are parented to the AuraWatch frame, it could make them hide too! What you actually set for the AuraWatch frame doesn't really matter, since you don't anchor anything to it. You could just do :SetAl...
File: Carousel08-11-09
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Oh no, sorry I should have specified. You can copy and paste the contents of the Lua file into the PM, that will be fine.