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File: SpellPriority12-23-09
This add on changed my dps life for...
Posted By: Vitriola
This add on changed my dps life for the better. It has not worked for me for several upgrades. It just sits there and says that I need to cast lifetap. I do NOT want to be told to lifetap and it will not show anything else whether I tap or not. I want to change from destro to affliction and REALLY want this to help me through t...
File: SpellPriority08-22-09
Posted By: Vitriola
The original version had curse of doom next to last on destro priority. That is just what I needed. The new version puts it first. That throws me off completely. I spent hours trying to correct it. spdev does not work for me. I have looked far and wide for the old version. I cannot correct it with a simple text editor because...
File: Dominos07-22-08
Posted By: Vitriola
I have not been able to figure out how to scale the bars. I have tried /dom scale actionbar1 25 /scale actionbar1 /dom scale 25 etc. Any hints? Thanks!