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File: Ion Action Bars02-02-10
Originally posted by timinator1 W...
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Originally posted by timinator1 Well the reason I wanted it is to buff newbies in my group that are otherwise too low in lvl to recieve my lvl 80 buff(so I need the ability to use my lower rank buffs). But I do not have that little check box anymore... On your spellbook window you have a small check box on top of it so you can...
File: Ion Action Bars02-01-10
Re: Re: Bug
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Originally posted by Redwood Elf Did you set your bindings before you added the buttons to the shapeshift bars? The bindings are set on the buttons, not the bars themselves, so if you add buttons after you set the bindings, the bindings won't be set for those new buttons...simply re-set the bindings for each button on the bar, and...
File: Ion Action Bars02-01-10
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Im using macaroon for a long time and always loved it, ty vm! But, since last patch 3.3 im getting this annoying bug that whenever my bars switch in combat my bindings dont. If im in caster form then I switch to bear while in combat my bindings will stay on the (now hidden) caster bar... And yes I have all bindings set up on both...
File: LootWhatIWant11-29-09
Re: Re: Wow! Thank You!
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Originally posted by dardack Well as requested delete all greys has been added (/lwiw deleteallgrays) (yes it's not spell correct on purpoes). Greens really? send those for DE alt and make mad cash. Whites, i probably will never add, as quest items, among other things important, are all white. If your in a certain area, adding c...
File: LootWhatIWant11-25-09
Wow! Thank You!
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Thanks! Did use lootfilter before but that had always been sort of buggy then i gave up... but this is working really well, thank you very much! =D Anyway you could add some extra things if you are bored n stuff... like delete all greys/greens/blues/whites and toggle it for only certain regions... Im currently farming Loremaster ach...
File: Ion Action Bars09-28-09
Latest version
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Latest version keeps getting my sound on every time i hit anything on macaroon, did look for an option to turn that off but didnt find any... Then went back to the older version... If any1 picking this up plz fix it... Thank you, sad Maul wont keep working on it =( Wont find a replacement
File: Ion Action Bars09-08-09
Need a fix~~
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Perfect addon, couldnt play without it anymore... Thank you so much. Im having a really annoying issue that might be easy to fix even with some extra configuration on my part... Thing is every time I get on those demolishers (wg/bg) extra seats (where you cant control anything on the vehicle at all but you can cast spells normally...
File: Ion Action Bars04-17-09
I always had this problem but didnt...
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I always had this problem but didnt care much before dual-spec, maybe its just me? Well what happens is, every time i switch profiles (or change specs) it wont swap bars on shift/alt/ctrl till i reload UI, then it works great... the bindings on shift+1 do work but the shift bar wont show up when i hit shift... Thank you, cant p...
File: GloryNow11-24-08
Thank you!
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Nice, thank you! Hate how messed up the blizzard achieve UI is... Would be even better if it also added some tips of how to do it =]
File: SSArena Frames07-25-08
Great addon, thank you! Just this,...
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Great addon, thank you! Just this, could you please set the arena frames to hide on ALT+Z? Thank you again.