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File: Cartographer04-03-07
Gatherer Icons in the Outlands gone
Posted By: joelore
Hi, I switched to Cartographer from MetaMap and imported my Gatherer data. Unfortunately all the data imported ok except there are no icons for the nods on the Hellfire Peninsula map and I had the entire area complete. Wierd thing is if I pass my cursor over empty area on the map popup notes come up for the nodes I discovered...
File: GrindStatus - Track those factions!12-13-06
Posted By: joelore
When I follow the instructions to set a faction as soon as I mouse over the FuBar, or even the the minimap icon I get this error. interface\addons\GrindStatus\GrindStatus.Lua:587:Attempt to Perform Arithmatic on Local 'real' (nil value) Thanks, Joe