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File: DecUI12-26-13
Re: Re: Re: Skada
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Im wondering is it a bug that skada is now on the right instead of to the left, and I cant seem to unlock it to move it. Also wondering why the chat frames in your screenshot look different then they are when I install. P.S. love your ui pack and thanks for the update.... and happy holidays :) The release version of the UI has...
File: DecUI12-12-13
Hey, is there a way to access the n...
Posted By: Sekrin
Hey, is there a way to access the new store that was released with patch 5.4.2? Or, we have to wait for new update? :p Click the middle mouse button on the minimap.
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant05-13-11
Thought you might like to know that...
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Thought you might like to know that you've included two copies of the "License.txt" file in the latest .zip - this causes MMOUI Minion to raise an error and refuse to install the update (Windows also complains about overwriting the first file with the second, but that's not such a big deal). Thanks for a wonderfully useful addon!
File: Much04-02-11
Originally posted by hjp426 LOVE...
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Originally posted by hjp426 LOVE this addon. Best one I've found so far, to get the job done. Any chance it could be expanded for prospecting? Thanks! I've been meaning to add prospecting for a while, but I don't play my jewelcrafter that often and I've not decided what the best way to deal with it would be...
File: ArkInventory12-30-10
Arkinventory doesn't recognise the...
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Arkinventory doesn't recognise the worgen ability "Running Wild" as a valid land mount - are you intending on adding it in a future update (or is there some way I can add it myself?) Thanks.
File: Clever Archaelogist!12-12-10
Gave this a try this morning, but h...
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Gave this a try this morning, but had to turn it off before I got anywhere near an archaeology site as it kept spamming my chat frame whenever someone looted something, or rolled on an item.
File: Ranch10-03-10
Originally posted by Grim Notepad...
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Originally posted by Grim Notepad i am, yes What item were you trying to add, and were you using a link or the item's name to specify it? Originally posted by Grim Notepad but if i didn't shouldn't the addon either not do anything or notify me that it is missing the item argument? Ranch already checks for the argument being...
File: Ranch10-02-10
Re: Error using /ranch add
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Originally posted by Grim Notepad i am getting the folowing error ..\AddOns\Ranch\ranch.lua line 169: table index is nil this occurrs when i try to use /ranch add Are you specifying what item to add when you use "/ranch add"?
File: caelUI07-11-10
Re: Re: Re: GREAT
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Originally posted by leejto Thank you, but is possible to change the " + " to " E " like on the rere mobs or make the " + " bigger ? 2. How do i check the mood of my pet ? in the pet character page it always show happy mood so where do i check my pets real mood . thanks To alter the "+" symbol to something else, open the...
File: oUF_Caellian07-10-10
Re: Re: Re: oUF_cTags
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Originally posted by Trixie1971 I am also getting an oUF_cTags error when a character gains a level. It's odd tho cuz it doesn't happen every time I make a level. It's very strange. Anyway, I'll post my error just in case there's something different from OPs. Also, it didn't start happening until this last update, if that's any...
File: caelUI07-10-10
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Originally posted by leejto Great UI , just love it ! Is there a way to change so i can see when its a Elite or normal Mob im fighting against ? . i would like it to be next to the name thanks , keep the god work up ! If the mob you are targetting is elite, it will have a "+" after it's name in the targetframe.
File: caelUI07-03-10
Originally posted by Faltimore Ga...
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Originally posted by Faltimore GameTooltip:AddLine("Current Server Time ".. hour .. ":" .. minute, 0.84, 0.75, 0.65) You can create the line in the tooltip like this: GameTooltip:AddLine(format("Current Server Time %.2d:%.2d", hour, minute), 0.84, 0.75, 0.65)
File: caelUI06-30-10
Been doing some tweaking to your UI...
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Been doing some tweaking to your UI this evening when I noticed that the frame for the experience datafeed is actually behind the minimap, which means that the tooltip for that datafeed doesn't appear when you move your mouse over it. The tooltip can be made to work again by inserting the following code into the gap at line 10:...
File: Ranch06-28-10
I'm still around and just to prove...
Posted By: Sekrin
I'm still around and just to prove it, I've added your suggestion to Ranch - thanks for the suggestion!
File: Elitist Group01-10-10
Role Icons in Random Dungeons
Posted By: Sekrin
I've been finding this addon really useful when I'm doing random 5-mans, but there is one thing that it doesn't do that I think would make it even more so - telling me in the summary screen what roles people have been assigned when I join a random 5-man. It can sometimes be difficult to work out who the tank is and some of the mor...
File: Thanks4Buff08-02-09
Thanks for the translations! I'll l...
Posted By: Sekrin
Thanks for the translations! I'll look at adding them into the next version. Just to make sure that I'm putting the translations in correctly, would I be right in thinking that if the buff name starts with a vowel, the bottom of the two translations you've provided is correct, otherwise it's the top one? As for the Fort buff, it u...
File: Thanks4Buff08-01-09
Yes, it will, in both cases (with o...
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Yes, it will, in both cases (with or without spellnames).
File: Ranch06-12-09
Always glad to hear from a happy fan!
Posted By: Sekrin
Always glad to hear from a happy fan!
File: Much05-05-09
Fire Leaf
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Originally posted by Gogusrl Just wanted to report that Much isn`t milling Fire Leaf. This would appear to be an issue with how Blizzard has classified this item - it's listed as a Consumable rather than a herb. I'm not sure if there are any other millable items that are wrongly classified - I'll do some looking into it and...
File: Much04-21-09
Posted By: Sekrin
Hi Apeman and thanks for your appreciation! At the moment, no - Much re-creates the macro each time your bag contents change, so if you alter it then Much will overwrite the alterations. On the plus side, I have been looking into getting Much to collect your stuff for you, but I can't depend on the /in command as per your macro...
File: Panda03-27-09
I've just rolled a new character wh...
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I've just rolled a new character who's taken up Inscription. When I'm using the Mass Milling button it keeps getting stuck once the first plant has less than 5 items remaining. For example, if I have 3 Peacebloom and 11 Silverleaf, the Mass Milling button keeps trying to mill the Peacebloom and ignores the Silverleaf completely.
File: Thanks4Buff03-06-09
NPC Buffs
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Originally posted by shobu Would it possible to make it ignore NPCs? I had to remove the addon as it was getting tiresome explaining why I was thanking quest NPCs for applying buffs on me. I've noticed it doing the same thing with Arthas' Devotion Aura in CoT:CoS. I'd originally left it thanking NPCs on purpose, as an RP-thi...
File: Thanks4Buff03-05-09
Buff Names
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Originally posted by rvalarian actually, i really like that it says the name of the buff in the emote. I'm working on this functionality at the moment and it will be available as an option in the next version.
File: Thanks4Buff02-24-09
Originally posted by oddtoddy Tha...
Posted By: Sekrin
Originally posted by oddtoddy Thanks for this great mod! Would it possible though to just add the option to /thank the person and not name the buff or the spell? Also, I think maybe there should be a two or three second delay instead of just having it come up instantly. It seems a little less automated that way. Hi oddtoddy...
File: Thanks4Buff02-19-09
Originally posted by tralkar work...
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Originally posted by tralkar works nice, no problems yet. Only thing i did too it was take out the "their" you don't need this is the emote.. Hi tralkar, Glad you like it. I put that "their" in because the emote didn't sound right to me without it: "Sekrin thanks RandomDruid for Mark of the Wild." - it's a matter of personal...