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File: Faceshooter blink fix 5.306-06-13
Re: Glaive toss
Posted By: dwil
Hi and thank you for the patch. only problem i am having now is that it does not show Glaive Toss in the rotation since applying it. :confused: I cant remember seeing Glaive Toss before either (dont think it ever was in Faceshooter :() Removing stuff I could do, dont feel confident about adding stuff :)
File: FaceShooter05-25-13
Re: Anyone fix for 5.3?
Posted By: dwil
The priority still seems fine in 5.3 apart from those that take Blink Strikes, which is now a passive. I've attempted to removes traces of the old Blink Strike from the lua files but the addon doesn't work if I do that. Does anyone have a simple fix of removing Blink Strike from the priority boxes? I think I managed to remove Bl...
File: EventAlert11-12-10
Also I suddenly started to get CTD...
Posted By: dwil
Also I suddenly started to get CTD when entering BGs. Disabling this addon and I could get into BG again. Tried enabling, and got CTD again. Someone else I talked to today that got this addon also had a CTD in BG. Dont know what happened, last weekend I had this addon and had no problems in BGs.
File: Retribution Rotation Helper w/Holy Pow Bar (RRH)10-14-10
Is it possible to move the frames?...
Posted By: dwil
Is it possible to move the frames? They are placed really badly as they are atm for me :(
File: BadBoy: Spam Blocker & Reporter08-14-10
Is it possible to turn off automati...
Posted By: dwil
Is it possible to turn off automatic reporting and also avoid having that manual box pop up? (I want to just block the spam)