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File: Recipe Book02-18-08
Re: Re: Tool Tips
Posted By: Halaman
As a matter of fact, I do use CV. Another of my top 5 fav mods. :) So, what's your fix?? Something I can do, or is it a posted update? Thanks again for all your hard work. I know family comes first, so don't think you need to rush to fix problems. You'll only burn yourself out and really tick off the family. :p Ori...
File: Recipe Book01-26-08
Tool Tips
Posted By: Halaman
Here is an interesting bit I noticed today. I have my AH toon that trolls the AH looking for receipies for my other toons. When looking thru all the patterns listed, I get the tooltip that says a toon can learn, or will be able to learn, or it's banked. However, when I look at a pattern that is in my inventory, either in the ban...
File: CTMod11-17-07
CT_UnitFrames Error
Posted By: Halaman
FYI Even after updateding with the lastest version, I'm still getting the following error; Interface\AddOns\CT_UnitFrames\CT_PlayerFrame.lua:193 Couldn't find CVar Named 'STATUSBARTEXT' Can't see where it actually affects the Mod, but WOW does get a big cranky when I keep telling it to not disable my mods bacause of the er...
File: KC_PlayerFramePlus01-07-06
Pet Move Feature Don't Work
Posted By: Halaman
Thanks for the update, however, the option to move the pet frame so it doesn't cover up the experience bar isn't working. I used to be able to reset the UI through my CT control panel, but now that isn't even working. Most annoying not being able to see the numbers for exp earned. :(
File: Fizzwidget Hunter's Helper08-23-05
The Pitch
Posted By: Halaman
Man, you just hae to love the sales pitch used here. :D