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File: RahUI-All Purpose UI04-07-11
Not sure what went wrong...?
Posted By: mlautens
Downloaded the .rar file. Renamed my own Interface and WTF folders, so I was using the ones you supplied. Start WOW, screen looked wonky which didn't surprise me. Enter /reflux switch Rah-UI and the UI reloaded, which I expected because that's how Reflux always works when switching profiles. But nothing on the screen layout change...
File: Panther06-24-10
Originally posted by Jav Should r...
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Originally posted by Jav Should remember to thank caith for robbing his/her unitframes. Both Kitty and Caith use Pitbull4. Weak, very weak. l2troll or gtfo.
File: X-Perl Skin UI (now supports WS)02-27-10
Layout was crazy on widescreen
Posted By: mlautens
I have a 1680x1050 display. The /reflux switch X-PerlWS worked, and loaded that profile, but the display was completely misaligned in all respects. What resolution was the WS layout designed for? How should UI scaling be set? Love your screenshots, wish I could get my screen to look like that without days of bumping things arou...
File: Panther11-29-08
Originally posted by Kupotek You...
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Originally posted by Kupotek You can add a third bar between the 2 with /bt I fiddled about with Bartender and got things sorted the way I like. Stuck a couple bars way off on the right side of the screen, made the bars at the bottom longer, etc. Tinkered with Pitbull a bit too, separated the target's target from the target fra...
File: Panther11-28-08
Really nice UI. There are many thin...
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Really nice UI. There are many things I like about it. However, I'm curious why you made the decision to make the button bars so short? 9 slots shown in one, 8 in some others, 5 in another. Things that I used to be able to see and/or click are gone. Of course, because of the nifty layout, it's not possible to make the bars any big...
File: Kith's UI (Elv UI)11-28-08
I'm sorry - I must be clueless. I c...
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I'm sorry - I must be clueless. I copied the folders as instructed. When I started the game, all the various AddOns were clustered in the center of my screen, most of them begging me to configure them. So I went through all the ones I could find, changing the profile to Default, then did /console reloadui. Nothing. No joy at all. Eve...
File: CooldownToGo10-25-08
Posted By: mlautens
Hi, thanks for the nifty AddOn! When I call for my mount, I get an LUA error. CooldownToGo.lua:413 GetSpellName(): Invalid spell slot Can this be repaired? Thanks!
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-25-08
Sentry Totem
Posted By: mlautens
Not sure if this is a bug or whether it's me. When my shaman drops a Sentry Totem, I am supposed to be able to right click the buff and switch back and forth between my character's view and the totem. When I do that using SBF, it cancels the buff and destroys the totem. Works ok when using the Blizzard standard icon. Thanks!