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File: TinyDPS08-24-10
Hello, whenever I try to move my Ti...
Posted By: Dorque
Hello, whenever I try to move my TinyDPS by using Shift, I get a Lua error message. Here is a copy of what it says: Message: Interface\AddOns\TinyDPS\TinyDPS.lua:1107: Frame tdpsMover is not movable Time: Tue Aug 24 01:04:22 2010 Count: 4 Stack: : in function `StartMoving' Interface\AddOns\TinyDPS\TinyDPS.lua:1107: in function...
File: Chatter04-17-09
Are you gonna Update it for 3.0.1?...
Posted By: Dorque
Are you gonna Update it for 3.0.1? If not or if its gonna take to long, can you recommend a Chat mod like yours?
File: Grid11-18-08
How do I make the Grids Player Fram...
Posted By: Dorque
How do I make the Grids Player Frames wider and make the health go from right to left instead of top to bottom?
File: Acaciaizm Semi11-18-08
How do I move the Decurseive debuff...
Posted By: Dorque
How do I move the Decurseive debuff boxes to a new place?
File: Acaciaizm Semi10-30-08
One more thing
Posted By: Dorque
Hey one more question. How do I get grids to lay on top of each other so I can fit it under that black like where the bars are for a ten man raid?
File: Acaciaizm Semi10-29-08
Posted By: Dorque
Ok i got that done, now one other thing. The information stuff in the middle of the screen where it says like FPS and AP how do i turn it off?
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-29-08
Posted By: Dorque
Hello when I turned off OUF I could not see the diablo orbs. All I want to do is disable the unit frames but keep the diablo orbs. Is there a configuration page i can open?
File: Acaciaizm Semi10-29-08
Black Lines
Posted By: Dorque
Ok I tryed it out and it worked. But when I tryed to turn down the UI scale to the lowest those black bars that are at the top and the bottom of the Window where Fubar is went to the middle of my screen. How do I turn them off or move them? What Mod are they? I would upload a picture onto here but I cant figure out how to mak...
File: Acaciaizm Semi10-27-08
Originally posted by stento 4 sur...
Posted By: Dorque
Originally posted by stento 4 sure i can. except acacia allows me to reupload an wtf-folder for any 1280x1024 resolution (else tell me acacia, i will remove it). screen what it looks like: http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/889/uizk6.jpg WTF-folder: ui1280x1024.rar !!!!!!! REMEMBER !!!!!!!! change names of the folde...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-26-08
Posted By: Dorque
Hello what is the name of the unitframes mod? Also can you turn it off without screwing up the UI?
File: Blue Sky08-21-08
Party Unit Frames
Posted By: Dorque
Hello I love this UI great job! But I hate the party unit frames :confused:, so I was wanting to know if you can tell me the name of the unit frame mob so i can change the look, that would be great. thanks! :)