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File: TomTom09-27-16
After installing the latest update...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
After installing the latest update of TomTom, it appears that in conjunction with HandyNotes I now have a permanent waypoint arrow that simply bounces to the closest treasure. I've disabled the "automatically set to next closest waypoint" option under Waypoint Arrow in the TomTom settings but it still persists. Right-click context...
File: TomTom09-23-16
Sounds like you need a bookmark add...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Sounds like you need a bookmark addon, like handynotes, instead.
File: Auctioneer09-21-16
I don't know how else to contact yo...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I don't know how else to contact you, but your forums apparently got an issue with local mailer. Reset my password SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.
File: Bartender409-20-16
Re: Xp bar
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Is there any way to make the xp bar vertical? I can't find the setting and not sure if i'm just blind. Not with Bartender, it is only providing a restyle for default Blizzard UI elements. You'd have to find some specialized customization mod, may be IceHUD will help.
File: Raven09-13-16
Re: Changes in r375
Posted By: AnrDaemon
This release also changes the default for Hide Blizzard Runes to false.Wow, thanks. Sir, you're probably the first one to realise this conflict. o/
File: GathererDB WoWHead09-13-16
Re: Release on their website
Posted By: AnrDaemon
All hail! Indeed.
File: HealBot Continued09-06-16
I just want it to be basicThen just...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I just want it to be basicThen just disable frames you are not using.
File: Bartender409-06-16
Can someone help me with custom con...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Can someone help me with custom conditionals. Something doesn't seem to work right, unless things have changed recently. I want to fade a bar to 10% opacity when I have NO targets selected, and show if I have a friendly/enemy target I've tried: show;fade:10 hide;fade:10 show;fade:10 "It doesn't work" is a very u...
File: TomTom08-29-16
Bummer. Anyone know the status of U...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Bummer. Anyone know the status of UNICODE support in Legion?
File: TomTom08-29-16
Re: Adding zone name to /way doesnt work
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I'm really sorry if that was asked before and i've tried to find solution but it has not brought results. Whenever i'm trying to add a zone name to the /way command - nothing happens, it works just fine if i'm adding coordinates without mentioning the zone, it just adds the mark on the map in my current zone, but when i need to mak...
File: Altoholic08-24-16
Sounds like you are looking for som...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Sounds like you are looking for something like http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/titan-panel-currencies-multi/
File: TomTom08-18-16
Re: Waypoint Not Clearing
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I am not having a problem with the Crazy Arrow staying where I put it, but after setting a waypoint and flying to that location the waypoint does not clear. Even though I have the distance set for 30 yards and I am exactly on top of it, 0 yards away, it does not clear. I guess I should say, most of the time. Sometimes it will cl...
File: GnomishVendorShrinker08-18-16
Re: Re: Re: Thanks and a request
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I'm not certain of the default behaviour however I suspect that it is intentional but with stack size increases and/or wanting to spend several thousands resources on large purchase of trade items it makes sense to be able to type in 200 rather than have to hammer at my left mouse button 199 times.. I mean, what happened to the quan...
File: GnomishVendorShrinker08-15-16
Re: Thanks and a request
Posted By: AnrDaemon
One thing I find somewhat troublesome is the inability to enter a number on the different amount dialog.Is this a new bug?
File: GnomishVendorShrinker08-14-16
Second, is there a way to change th...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Second, is there a way to change the font used in this addon easily? I use the standard blizzy font templates, any addon that modifies those will apply to GVS. But I don't want to change all fonts. I want to change the microscopic font (and microscopic icons) of this one addon only.
File: Altoholic08-13-16
On character log-in, the mod execut...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
On character log-in, the mod executes the /played command. Is this how it tracks time played Yes. There's no other way to get that information. Or can I turn it off somehow? It's supposed to be run wrapped, but some chat mods break the wrapping. I just ignore it.
File: GnomishVendorShrinker08-13-16
Not without my patch.
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Not without my patch.
File: Raven07-30-16
small question....when using raven...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
small question....when using raven and I hover over buffs they say "applied by" twice.. Do you have any other addons, that might add same information? Or it happens with only Raven installed?
File: Satrina Buff Frames 307-29-16
Needs update!Try reading before pos...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Needs update!Try reading before posting something stupid.
File: TooltipItemIcon07-28-16
\o/ Thanks! Can't imagine my WoW wi...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
\o/ Thanks! Can't imagine my WoW without this addon. Feels… Deserted.
File: Altoholic07-28-16
Re: Re: Re: Profession Window problems
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Looking at a tooltip for a mat on a profession window hasn't shown anything in a while. That broke a while ago, I think early in WoD, and Thaoky was just too busy. Hmmm.. it was working for me, until now. o.O Weird... Hasn't worked for me for a while, I had to hover over the mat outside of the profession window to see what I...
File: TomTom07-23-16
Hi, I have never used your addon be...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Hi, I have never used your addon before but looks really good, but when I use it, it doesnt seem to persist waypoints once they have been "cleared" - is that correct ? TomTom is NOT a PoI management addon. You'd need HandyNotes or somethign for that task. Tomtom is a waypoint management addon. Once waypoint is reached, it is remove...
File: HealBot Continued07-22-16
Re: Pls make option/setup window sizeable
Posted By: AnrDaemon
it takes up half my screen! Please make it so I can reduce the window size. tia You can do that. It's all in the settings.
File: Satrina Buff Frames 307-22-16
Check out Raven. It has about ever...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Check out Raven. It has about everything SBF had, may be just a little less straightforward to setup.
File: Altoholic07-21-16
@Ookami: First & third are fixed, n...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
@Ookami: First & third are fixed, nevermind for the second then, I'll wait until someone else reports it. Thanks for the feedback :) Re: "clear your saved variables": Just change the name of the SV. Then the old SV data will evaporate on save.