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Originally posted by schambi im o...
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Originally posted by schambi im on work so i cant test it but what happens if i cast it ..twice or more? I set it up for the one bar to reset to the maximum currently because that's the functionality I needed. Usually you only want to recast the tracked rank when the DoT fades or enemies move out of the AoE and in both cases yo...
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Re: Hemorrhage and Haste
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Discontinued for now as I'm currently ill and not playing my Rogue/very much at all anymore, when/before WotLK hits I'll probably continue it or make something alike for DKs and/or PvE depending on how things work out.
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Hemorrhage and Haste
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I'll probably have the addon working with haste rating(meaning fixed weapon detection and seeing the haste rating APEP values) and Hemorrhage by the end of the week, lots of other stuff to do currently.