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File: Rekcinad UI04-22-11
Originally posted by Rekcinad Updated for both widescreen resolutions; - 1920x1080 - 1680x1050 Other resolutions will not be supported. If you want to make it fit anyhow, then you will have to put the work in. :-) Thanks for taking the time to provide the 1680 res <3
File: Rekcinad UI04-13-11
Love the look of this! Actually,...
Love the look of this! Actually, it's the first UI that's made me want to change my current personal edit of TukUI. A Job well done sir.
File: Power Auras Classic: Buttons02-19-11
Re: Rejuvenations
Originally posted by remanis Hi there, I was wondering, how can I make PA show me when I have atleast 3 rejuvenations up on the raid? I have tried "Buff" and >=3 but it didt work, and I choose "Buff" because I cant see anything called "Spell" or something like that. Any suggestions? Use "Buff" and have the name as "Nat...
File: ButtonFacade: Vaka01-31-11
Very sexy
Very sexy
File: PoisonVendor09-03-08
Fixed Mind-Numbing bug
Fixed Mind-Numbing bug
File: PoisonVendor09-01-08
Apologies for that, i have simulate...
Apologies for that, i have simulated the available poisons for a level 30 rogue and believe i have corrected the problem, a new update is available (1.7) with these fixes. if you encounter any more problems please notify me and i will fix them asap.
File: PoisonVendor08-05-08
it does have a similar idea as that...
it does have a similar idea as that addon, tbh, the only reason i made it was because i couldn't find one to do what i wanted, so i obviously didn't look hard enough. thanks for trying my one out though :D
File: PoisonVendor08-02-08
its something that i planned to imp...
its something that i planned to implement but haven't figured out at the moment, so i added the minimize feature, as once the window is minimized it will stay what way on all vendors until maximized again. although i am still working on having it only display on the correct merchants. *edit - managed to get the PoisonVendor win...