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File: ChatKeys10-15-10
Posted By: Trinea
I'd love to see an update for this. Now that I haven't got all my custom channels keybound, I'm feeling very confused when it comes to chat channels. :(
File: Raven10-13-10
Great Job!
Posted By: Trinea
I logged in specifically to comment on this addon. I've used a couple different buff bar addons (Satrina and Simple Buff Bars, to be precise), and I have to say that this one's an absolute joy to set up and to use! Great work on the coding and easiness of use, and thanks for keeping it nice and light! The only thing I couldn't fi...
File: PhanxChat10-08-10
Originally posted by Maelynn Hai,...
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Originally posted by Maelynn Hai, I've got a small request. I just found out that I'm no longer able to select the language I speak in, because Phanxchat hides the chat bubble button. Normally I don't bother with that button too much anyway, but I do sometimes like to goof around a bit with the different languages (especially since...
File: WoW Scribe10-10-09
Originally posted by WickedWit I...
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Originally posted by WickedWit I seem to be having an issue with the mod not logging channels properly. It says it's logging "Emote Says CHAT_MSG_(channelname)", however in the log, it seems to only be recording emote, says, and just the join and leave messages for every channel I'm in. Am I using the incorrect command to add a cha...
File: Aubcom's Environment Emotes09-24-09
The only thing I could see as being...
Posted By: Trinea
The only thing I could see as being more awesome about this teensy addon is if it worked with WowScribe. I use the scribe to record all my RP sessions, and just picked up this addon today to try it out in conjunction. Unfortunately it seems like if you use EE, it doesn't record any of the changed emotes, which is a shame. Is there...
File: WoW Scribe09-30-08
Re: WoW Scribe
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Originally posted by Rhianidd The log file continues until you stop logging. It's the default WoW Chat Log, but this mod turns on & off channels that you select (instead of just logging everything that goes on). As for tells, it +should+ work, but I haven't tested that recently, so I don't remember. (fyi, I'm trying to get...
File: WoW Scribe08-01-08
Awesome addon!
Posted By: Trinea
A couple of friends and I were looking for just such a program for logging our roleplays on Moon Guard. Excellent work and so very easily used, IMO! I made a simple macro for starting and stopping the log feature, and so far it seems to work great! Only a couple of questions though...can this addon also log tells? I know that i...