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File: Debuff Filter and Cooldowns12-15-10
Posted By: Yozka
i updated this using curse. and now non of my debuff will show. I got the thignie show bar on and tried a couple of things. whats wrong ? :(
File: bU!12-15-10
Posted By: Yozka
Hey i really digg this UI, but only 1 thing bothering me. Its the recount it got some sort of big blood splatter on it and how do i get that away?
File: Quenios UI07-31-10
Posted By: Yozka
Without doubt this UI Looks very good and clean :) only thing missing really is a LW scroll combat text, since im a tank and really like to keep a track of my taunt misses or stuff like that basicly :) Bother otherwise ima try to this
File: Quenios UI07-30-10
Soul shard
Posted By: Yozka
Hey the soulshard above the target frame what is that?
File: LUI v2.0 - Zak Edition04-17-10
Posted By: Yozka
Hi there i like this UI But one thing bothers me. There are some "buff" timers above the player frame how the hell do i remove them? Been trying to figure out what it is, but can't find it
File: thinktank ui08-06-09
Posted By: Yozka
Hey are you gonne update it for patch 3.2?
File: thinktank ui06-21-09
Posted By: Yozka
My troubles comes when i have to setup all the profiles. I've setted up the WTF folder up correct. i dont know why it goes wrong but i can't load any profiles..
File: thinktank ui06-20-09
Originally posted by Purdy I know...
Posted By: Yozka
Originally posted by Purdy I know this may be quite alot to ask, but your UI is so brilliant could you give me a guide to get it all in english or reupload an english version as your english seems perfect, Thanks. Also which profiles need changed? Same goes for me, i can't get it to work for me :( And its sad cause i really...
File: Sage UnitFrames03-10-09
Well we just did naxx25 and it didn...
Posted By: Yozka
Well we just did naxx25 and it didnt work for any bosses...
File: Sage UnitFrames03-08-09
% to target frame
Posted By: Yozka
Hi i was wondering if you can make it able to see how much % the target has left in hp?
File: AnnoyingBuffReminder02-25-09
Posted By: Yozka
Hey can make it check that if there is more then 2 warriors that if i have BS and CS it wont annoy me? Its kinda annoying when we got our 2 dps warriors in raids and they use CS and BS :P
File: thinktank ui02-23-09
Posted By: Yozka
Hi is it possible for you guys to make a 1440x900 res? =)