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File: Clique05-11-09
shift click to assist
Posted By: Kohhan
this question is kind of a tangent off this mod, i want to do a small part of this mod without dling it ive made a macro reading /assist mouseover ive bound this macro to shift-leftclick when i click on a character model it works appropriately targeting the target of my target (assisting) when i click on the party frame i...
File: Afflicted301-02-09
since the files within the wtf/acco...
Posted By: Kohhan
since the files within the wtf/account/account name have been cleared by blizzard, where are my settings(spell list setting specifically) stored now? i looked under interface/addons/afflicted/spells however these seamed to include every spell in the game many of which (particularily DK abilities) are not showing up in game.
File: Afflicted308-02-08
hi i was just wondering under which...
Posted By: Kohhan
hi i was just wondering under which specific file does the afflicted positional and optional information get stored? really annoying re doing everything on every character and ive looked in many spots in the WTF folder