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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)02-15-14
more work :-)
Posted By: zharooz
actionbars is really acting weird, sometimes, 2xrows works fine, other times, it wont switch :-) and fx now i have reinstall'd , and quited the game 6 times, and still havent bein able to turn 2rows on, thou im sometimes lucky and it'll switch after a quit or 2.. but running out of that luck today :D came by these to lua errors too,...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)02-10-14
should we actually use your portal / bugs section ? :)
Posted By: zharooz
what a GREAT update !:) indeed lovely new artwork ! and so much new, exciting stuff :)! especially the snack idea, skin improwements, and loads of new stuff in henchman settings,, and the awesome installer, that allways give some kind of good feeling ;b hah (especially in the testing times ;)) ran into a couple bugs, thou no rea...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-27-14
Posted By: zharooz
aye the best work ( writen many times now :D ) nothing to complain about, except as other also wish for, skinned recount/skade dbm and such things , that would be the last perfection from my point of wiew ! :) and ofc future insane updates, wich u allready have done many times, but no wonder you keep comming up with crazyness to y...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-13-14
Re: font (trade chat)
Posted By: zharooz
how do i make font bigger in the chat box i looked in /sv but no enlarge font opt. thanks right click the Trade chat icon under your chat should let u do that :)? works here thou..
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)12-22-13
Unitframes/partyframes error.
Posted By: zharooz
doh.. as mentioned below, same unitframes probs :) and, when aggroing a unit i get a kinda threat meter just in middle of screen overlapping my charachter, the red meter, cant find a place to move it:s ?its probably the tired eyes who havent found it yet :)
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)12-22-13
more bugs :)
Posted By: zharooz
more testing errors found.. :) when trying to set key bindings trough /svui Message: ...face\AddOns\SVUI\packages\actionbar\module\SVBar.lua:79: Usage: GameTooltip:SetOwner(frame) Time: 12/22/13 14:12:03 Count: 3 Stack: : in function `SetOwner' ...face\AddOns\SVUI\packages\actionbar\module\SVBar.lua:79: in function <...face\Ad...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)12-22-13
Awesomeness !
Posted By: zharooz
great woork !, and wery functionell ! but after install, i get this lua error Message: Interface\AddOns\SVUI\system\design.lua:48: QuestLogFramePushQuestButton:SetPoint(): QuestLogFrameTrackButton is dependent on this Time: 12/22/13 12:51:33 Count: 1 Stack: : in function `SetPoint' Interface\AddOns\SVUI\system\design.lua:48:...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)12-21-13
yayyayyay !
Posted By: zharooz
Today is the day! I am making last minute adjustments then uploading what I have. and the wintergames may begin ! :) best comming present so faar ! :)
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)12-14-13
Soooo excited !!!
Posted By: zharooz
Can't wait ! had a break to wow in a year now, and last i played with svui only !, and dont wanna start till you release it !:b no hurry still, the masterwork need your time ;b couldnt say it better than judicate actually :) good work man! :)
File: OrkoUI Widescreen07-24-11
Posted By: zharooz
got 1 newbie question. http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/2166/wowscrnshot072411042519.jpg Over p unit , there's my stealth, how do i move it ?
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)02-04-11
epic update dude :)
Posted By: zharooz
2 small things, 1 questwatch, g2 be able to change the size.. 2 the top "info" bar aint working as it should, "such as clock, pwr, lfg, and so on", they'r acting weird here :s posting a link in a sec... Edit 1. http://img59.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot020411131843.jpg/ http://img52.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot020411131836.jpg/ E...
File: Thundercats UI01-19-11
omg :p
Posted By: zharooz
crazy dude :p actually i would say it could be play able, but still need some modification by your magic fingers :p sein what u done, and know u can improwe it :p would love to see it in action, as im damm curius about the UF's :) nice ui :) Btw, Update some of your old ui's to, Love'd the Evolution "edition" damm that whas sp...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-14-11
nice update :)
Posted By: zharooz
great improwed user interface.. think u forgot to put "durability" up where u can set clock and so on :) only "problem" i got so faar.. Love the new locking system, damm awesomess! good work mate :) Edit 1. No its still there, just an empty "box" , Hope u understand, my enlish sux atm.. it need the letters "durability" :D
File: uiMyrien V201-06-11
matey ?
Posted By: zharooz
Really wish for an update :)
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)12-13-10
Mung ?
Posted By: zharooz
chill dude xD its epic made user interface ! told you i would return with cata, since your first realease of SVUI 2 i've bein addicted, the ui makes it look so awesome, all my friends loves it :) just want to say , munglunch, plz marry me :banana: haha :D - zharooz.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-29-10
omg !
Posted By: zharooz
Excellent bro'w :b u did it, again :) Thx in advance for updating, and not failing all here on the site :) Looking forward to your cataclysm ui, as i wont be playing until , you, my faithfull guy, release the cat :b had to release the words :D (sorry for maybe bad english) -ZhaRooZ.
File: Svelte UI09-13-10
Lovely Ui :)
Posted By: zharooz
its a good oldschool ui in my oppinio :) Love it all, started wow by playing this ui, and now i gonna end it soon to with this ui .. got 1 issue, allready fixed, but probably something you could use in neext update ? When you are in LFG you can't see how much time you bein waiting, and can't see tank healer :)
File: ElenIU09-07-10
Yauuu Elen :)
Posted By: zharooz
Lovely art work you did there :) all is is great in this compilation , only 1 thing im curius about, the minimap Art, is it ment to be that we cant see all art around minimap ? :S Thats the only thing i can claim about :) Nicely done, Thumps Up !
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)08-29-10
Great Mung !
Posted By: zharooz
Great to hear you didnt left us here :b - You take your time, and rest that you need, im sure you'll still gonna develope this , as it's something you can be wery proud of !! -Best regards Zharooz:o
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)08-28-10
Come Back mung !
Posted By: zharooz
there's probably many peps who wanna help developing this amazing ui. - and if its because you need' a break, plz let us know . tell something. !
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)07-27-10
Re: Re: Hey Mung !
Posted By: zharooz
Originally posted by Munglunch simply download omen and recount and they are auto-skinned by SVUI. ahh, nice, thx mate :)
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)07-27-10
Hey Mung !
Posted By: zharooz
First ill start telling , how amazing this ui is. bein waiting for Luiv3 for a long time, and then u make this epic UI, Much Appreciated. Just wondering, how to get the dps and threat meter ? With your skins ofc :)
File: iLive user interface06-13-10
Nice ui.
Posted By: zharooz
nice and clean :) going to use it on my priest :) got a wish if you someday get some sparetime :p to ad a mage config. Unless some of the 4 reflux's is mainli for dps ? :) Zharooz Out.
File: LUI v305-04-10
Loui :)
Posted By: zharooz
A month ago i stopped playing wow, just to wait on your release, and i can now hear im going to start play soon :p Looking forward to experience your interface, by the look, it looks Perfect !;)! You gotta enjoy a beer tonight , understand, would lovely join ya, if it wasnt impossible :p but really impressive work you did here :)...
File: Arp UI04-18-10
Posted By: zharooz
hah, simple.. Thx for the quick response :p