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File: OptionHouse01-21-10
I hope the addon isn't dead, I like...
Posted By: yiNXs
I hope the addon isn't dead, I like it. If not, could you consider creating some sort of performance graph for the CPU usage of a selected addon? I'm thinking of something like recount has for dps, latency, f.e. It's not really an option to profile addons using the current OH window during a battle. A small graph window would b...
File: HideAchievement08-30-09
Perfect! Finally no more raid-wipin...
Posted By: yiNXs
Perfect! Finally no more raid-wiping huge unexpected midfight achievement windows in my face because I accidentally clicked some damn popup achievement that I couldn't care less about. I really hope to meet the designer responsible for that thing someday, I've got a few words for him.
File: DoubleWideProfession08-17-09
Nice addon! Exactly what I was look...
Posted By: yiNXs
Nice addon! Exactly what I was looking for, no frills like queue's and internal databases, just an easier to read overview of all my recipes. Thanks! :)
File: DiamondThreatMeter08-11-09
A million thanks for fixing it!!...
Posted By: yiNXs
A million thanks for fixing it!! *kicks omen out again*