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File: Extended Raid Info01-03-10
Posted By: molt
im just going to say that its broken, and thats it.
File: oGlow12-17-09
timne for a update?
Posted By: molt
maybe just a toc bump or so, i cat say if its in need of any changes, but its patch 3.3 and it "works" but id like it to be verified by author that its "ok" :)
File: Roth UI (Diablo)11-04-08
additional to tooltip
Posted By: molt
would be nice if you could add a quest progress info to the tooltip. like TooltipQuestMob (on curse)
File: oUF_Pazrael09-30-08
added functions
Posted By: molt
would be nice if you could add the code for http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info10647-oUFExperience.html to work, love your work, and that is the only thing i miss. as optional thing that is =)
File: Dominos08-13-08
keybind defaults
Posted By: molt
seems to be some trouble with possesbar and keybinds, wont work well on Teron Gorefiend in BT would be nice to have option to use blizzard default keybinds. (and possesbar use the ones its linked to "bar1 default")