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File: SLDataText03-11-11
Re: Re: Latency Changes
Posted By: Na'Kal
Sweet ... Thanks a lot. Originally posted by sixthepaladin 1. Go to this folder location on your computer: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\SLDataText\Elements 2. In the Elements folder, open the file named "Latency.lua" in notepad. 3. Scroll down to the bottom, and 8 lines up from the bottom, you'll...
File: SLDataText02-17-11
Latency Changes
Posted By: Na'Kal
With the addition of both Home and World latency displays with patch 4.0.6, would it be possible to track the World Latency instead of the Home? The difference is Home shows your connection that sends data for chat, AH, and other "background" information while World is all the data related to players, combat, casting, etc. I would...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-30-09
Additional Feature ??
Posted By: Na'Kal
I love this unit frame mod, great job on it. It is so much more customizable then any other out there with regards to moving and placing things where you want them. There is only one thing I found this is lacking. When not in combat/targeting/regening health or mana I like to have my bars completely hidden. The one option this is...
File: Broker Factions08-05-09
Re: Re: LUA Errors
Posted By: Na'Kal
Originally posted by Tristanian Reinstall. It seems that for some reason, you have an old version of the LibQTip-1.0 library. Thanks .... Not sure what was interfering with it, but I pretty much started a new UI from scratch and whatever it was that was conflicting is gone. Working great!!!!
File: SLDT Experience08-05-09
Feature addtion?
Posted By: Na'Kal
Not sure if you are updating this for 3.2 now that it is out, but I was wondering if you could put an option in for showing absolute values. While percentage is always nice, I also like to see how I'm doing in absolute points. Just a thought for any up coming additions/changes.
File: Broker Factions08-04-09
LUA Errors
Posted By: Na'Kal
I installed the updated version today to go with patch 3.2. When mousing over the display, instead of an info window popping up I got the following error: Message: ...Ons\Broker_Factions\libs\LibQTip-1.0\LibQTip-1.0.lua:391: Usage: :SetBackdrop(nil or {bgFile = "bgFile", edgeFile = "edgeFile", tile = false, tileSize = 0,...