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File: ShockAndAwe (formerly DisqoDice)10-20-08
Chain Lightning
Posted By: Freak[boy]
Would it be possible to add a checkbox for a CL cooldown somewhere? Perhaps like the ES/FS bar next to shocks, a CL/LB bar next to MW bar? I find with enough Replenishment(in a raid setting, anyway) I can never run out of mana. And with the proccy nature of MW.. sometimes CL is still on a cooldown. Edit: I see this was kind of...
File: ShockAndAwe (formerly DisqoDice)10-16-08
Maelstrom Weapon
Posted By: Freak[boy]
I'm experiencing difficulties with the MW timer. When I start a fight, it works just fine. The issue comes further down the line. It doesn't show the stack I have unless it's at 5. Most of the time. Sometimes it kicks in at 3. But most times, it just shows up when I have 5. The only thing I haven't been able to test is if its a bu...