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File: oUF_mono04-12-12
Some suggestions
Posted By: shadowwolfpt
Thank you for bringing us the best addon ever please take a time considering some features being added like: A spark on the healthbar would be awesome I tend to not get focused on health a lot cuz Cant see properly most times :( , Also Would you add an option to save Profiles per Character or even per Spec let me give an example the...
File: ProcWatch08-30-10
Hi mate, I have a suggestion for yo...
Posted By: shadowwolfpt
Hi mate, I have a suggestion for your addon that would be useful for everyone... The Idea is having the possibility to Make more than one bar in different parts of the screen. For example. I want to have some specific buffs and procs above my portrait or right in the middle of the screen. And would also be useful to put a Boss Debuff...