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File: ForteXorcist11-14-12
Xus, forgive me if I missed it, but...
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Xus, forgive me if I missed it, but IS there a way to add SPELL ID # into the custom spell filters?
File: ForteXorcist11-11-12
Inserting specific Spell ID's
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Good morning Xus, Quick question. Is it possible to insert Spell ID's in to the custom spell timer? Blessing of the Celestials has 4 different procs (they're all the same name, but different spell ID's) I've been trying to look for a how-to, but can't find any information. More specifically, the spell BUFF is http://www.wow...
File: ForteXorcist08-11-12
MoP Beta/PTR
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Xus, I was curious if you plan on fixing Forte to work with the MoP Beta/PTR. Fantastic Addon (My all time favorite) and would really like to use it during testing.
File: ForteXorcist08-05-10
Test Bars
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Is anyone else having issues with Test Bars? I've selected myself, pet, everything else, but the test bars are still not showing after selecting it in the window. Just would like a fix or suggestion on how to get these bar to show.
File: ForteXorcist07-02-10
Re: How do you get a visual overlay cast time thing?
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Originally posted by tiradel On this video, the priest has a cast time estimate on his vampiric touch spell timer, How do I do this? I want to do it for UA/Haunt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w5kQXxA6MI There is an option to "Show Cast Timer" on the bars. I don't know the exact location of the option, but its there.
File: Caith UI01-12-10
@Sleepyhead It means that you no...
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@Sleepyhead It means that you not at the same resolution that this UI is actually made for with is 1920 x xxxx(whatever) Mine looks the same way, either A. Find another font package you like, or B. just remove the fonts. I'm not 100% sure if thats the real reason, but its a good guess.
File: Afflicted311-20-09
Originally posted by Jagad Have i...
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Originally posted by Jagad Have i missed something or are the timer bars gone? Can i enable them somewhere? Yes. there is a setting to enable bars. why doesnt this work in arena, it seems to disable itself soon as i zone into arena although the configuration menus are still there. Are you sure Afflicted 3 is "enabled" to...
File: ForteXorcist09-05-09
First. LOVE this addon. Great look...
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First. LOVE this addon. Great look and function! One question. I Use it for all my toons, Rogue, DK, Priest, and Pally. One issue i've seen is that the addon doesn't track just "MY" debuffs on the boss on somethings, like Rupture if there are multiple rogues in the raid Rupturing. Is there a setting them I'm missing that I ca...
File: Caith UI08-07-09
Originally posted by Vych
Originally posted by Vych Might replace parrot with msbt though. I was getting some bad errors clicking on people so I updated to pitbull4 beta 4 from curse. The error then stopped, I have redone the basic unitframes but raid frames seem to have completely gone might download grid ty if anyone can help....
File: Caith UI08-06-09
Originally posted by Caith But...
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Originally posted by Caith But patch 3.2 looks enjoyable. So I'll work on my UI aswell. :D :D :D YAY! Love the UI Caith! Originally posted by Sleepyhead Hm, habe mal Bigwigs ausgestellt und dann war's weg. Sehr komisch. ^^ Vergessen Bigwigs zeigte sich in der Mitte zu. Vielleicht haben Sie Interferenzen zwische...
File: Caith UI08-05-09
Originally posted by Sleepyhead K...
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Originally posted by Sleepyhead Kurze Frage. Mitten im Bildschirm steht nun bei mir "Cooldowns". Welches Addon ist es und wie bekomme ich es weg? o.ō Meine Vermutung, seine PowerAura das Addon. könnte auch Classtimers
File: Elkano's BuffBars04-27-09
Filtering on Target
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Just a quick question. Trying to setup a bar to only show Sunder Armor and Expose Armor (I'm a DK). I know how to create the bar, but the filters are kinda confusing me. 1. Create the bar 2. Filter to Debuff 3. Change to "Target" 4. Whitelist filter: Sunder Armor & Expose Armor I did this, but its not showing a debuff when o...
File: Afflicted304-13-09
Quick noob question
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Great addon btw! I'm just curious, does this addon take time to register certain Cds? I say this because sometimes cooldowns that i've enabled, don't show up on the CD anchor. Kick or Kidney shot for example were not showing up on the CD anchor. even tho i've double checked to make sure the CD was enabled on the spell. Is thi...
File: PitBull 3.008-14-08
Feature Possibility
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First off, Love Pitbull, it looks and functions great! One thing tho, I really liked Xperls buffs/debuffs display. basically it shows debuff you put on the target in a LARGER image than the rest of your raid/groups debuffs. It also showed the same on buffs you give yourself (for instance, i'm a rogue, so Slice and Dice showed a...