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File: zfpoison RU+EN05-30-09
Re: wrong extention of the file with addon
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Originally posted by mail4zvv Инсталлер этого ресурса не работает с файлами в фо&...
File: EverTrade02-18-09
Zelik, Ilu.
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Zelik, Ilu.
File: TipTac02-06-09
I came back to this addon after a c...
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I came back to this addon after a couple of months of using Cowtip and I have to say now with the new changes this is by far my favorite addon. Hiding unit frames in combat was exactly what I was looking for and the skinner-like gradient is great. Keep up the good work, glad to see that this addon has met my tastes once again :).
File: Bartender402-06-09
EDIT: Problem solved, disabling Gat...
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EDIT: Problem solved, disabling Gatherer wowhead database and deleting gatherer.lua in the WTF folder did the job, might be because it was causing a conflict of some sort. I'll leave the rest of the post for anyone that may come across this error in the future. Strange error, I have been running wow perfectly normally for...
File: Cellular01-28-09
Originally posted by totalpackage...
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Originally posted by totalpackage @ Psychoshamoo - Nope. I kind of left myself open for that one posting a double question, so either way I'll just make a post maybe going into more detail. Say I press tab to switch between current whispers. Let's say I have a person named Bob, and Dave switching between the cellular tabs. O...
File: Cellular01-24-09
Could it possibly be made where as...
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Could it possibly be made where as you press tab to switch names it will also switch to the appropriate persons tab? If that makes any sense.
File: FailBot12-27-08
Originally posted by Veev However...
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Originally posted by Veev However do please keep bringing any suggestions you have for additional 'fails' - I'd love to add as many as possible. The Malygos one is a good candidate but I'm not sure how I'd add it to prevent it from saying the tanks name, possibly check target of target of Malygos or something, but sometimes he cha...
File: oUF Perfect12-24-08
Originally posted by H4DOUK3N Any...
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Originally posted by H4DOUK3N Any idea what's causing this? http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/8415/bugbp4.png ...or does the post below mine solve it for now? Revert to the older version of oUF until release.
File: oUF Perfect12-06-08
Re: Re: Vehicle Implementation
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Originally posted by p3lim Im aware of the issue, and I am already working on a solution. Would this also fix the Malygos encounter as well?
File: TipTac10-23-08
Is there a possibility in the futur...
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Is there a possibility in the future to be able to disable/enable tooltips in combat?
File: oUF Perfect10-22-08
@Psychoshamoo Try removing the "...
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@Psychoshamoo Try removing the "SetHight" part in the oUF_Perfect.lua fixed the problem for me. (Since the mods make the fonts larger and the layout tries to cramp the name into a constricted space, it gets pixeled.) Patched version still has this issue from what I can see, but using this worked like a charm. Did the edit and a r...
File: oUF Perfect10-20-08
Originally posted by blackpandemic...
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Originally posted by blackpandemic As for the pixelation, I've found that only the 2-5 names are pixelated. The number 1 of each group is always (90%+ of the time) focused and looks great. It's just the extra people that have the issue. Here's a screenshot of his point, the first member of each group always has no pixelation issu...