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File: Nauticus11-26-08
Originally posted by Tungsten Splee...
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Originally posted by Tungsten Spleen I have the same problem. I can find the preferences for Nauticus under the Fubar right-click menu... and I can make changes, but no display on the bar... I'm using the latest Nauticus and Fubar 3.5 Try installing Broker2FuBar, http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/broker2fubar.as...
File: MBB (MiniMap Button Bag)11-06-08
More info on patch for DagAssist
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Hi, I've tried to upload my mod to the optional files tab, but not sure if it is going to work. So, I've cut and paste the relevant section of the MBB.lua file I changed. See below, I've bolded and used red font to highlight the changes. Hope this helps! What is mbf? I've never heard of it, but if it suffers the same proble...
File: MBB (MiniMap Button Bag)11-01-08
Getting MBB and DagAssist to play well together
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Originally posted by Zwerg Hi, there's problem with another addon: When i activate the MBB, an addon called Dagassist ( Curse link, wowint link ) is not working. I get this error when clicking on the Dagassist icon: Without MBB the addon works nice! I don't know which addon causes the problem. I will post this error on...
File: DagAssist11-01-08
Getting MBB to play well with DagAssist
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Originally posted by Zwerg hi Dagos, thx for your quick answer. I've posted on the mbb page aswell. we'll see, if he can fix it. otherwise i have to delete MBB, your addon is really important for me! :D thx a lot cya I, too, love DagAssist. Here is what I did to MBB to get it to play well with DagAssist. Go into th...