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File: TipTac02-22-09
For you fans of removing the fishin...
Posted By: leibler
For you fans of removing the fishing bobber (like me): With the latest major revison of TipTac (a GREAT addon, BTW), the file name and line numbers changed. I found that putting Aezay's code fix at line 848 in the code.lua file works perfectly! Here's his fix so you don't have to dig, just copy and paste: -- Hide Fishing Bobb...
File: TomTom08-24-08
r165 issue with map right-clicks
Posted By: leibler
Since I updated my TomTom this morning before my daily questing began, I haven't been able to right-click the map to set a waypoint. I can type one in by hand using the /way command, and I can right-click a set of coords in LightHeaded and it works. The map right-clicks seem to be the ones not working... Thoughts/Suggestions? A...