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File: BigWigs Bossmods12-11-15
Can you possibly make an option not...
Posted By: natassja72
Can you possibly make an option not to replace original queue ready alert with its much louder version? When I'm setting desired sound levels for music, dialogue, ambience, sound, etc, BigWigs' queue alert is way louder than everything else, and as of recently this has been of much importance to me to play WoW more quietly, and I'm a...
File: Tanaan Jungle Stalker09-07-15
Thanks for the addon, it is very us...
Posted By: natassja72
Thanks for the addon, it is very useful for keeping track of the achievement. One thing though, tooltip says: Type /tjs for options. Yet, this merely prints to chat: ----------------------- File: r60220 by Drae whithout options. I went back here to see what to do to make it work only to discove...
File: BagSync07-27-15
I hope it gets update very soon. Th...
Posted By: natassja72
I hope it gets update very soon. The item count line does not show randomly in certain tooltips, heck, even the BagSync search window tooltips sometimes do not show it! Whats most important for me personally - it won't show for items links viewed within TSM addon.
File: TipTac07-27-15
The addon will not show item IDs in...
Posted By: natassja72
The addon will not show item IDs in tooltips of items that are not in player's inventory/AH. When mousing over item links in addons like TSM (grouped items, for example in shopping list), the ID only shows if item is owned or posted on AH. Im quite sure it used to show IDs for all item links regardless of whether I own the item.
File: Volumizer03-03-15
The addon is missing Dialogues volu...
Posted By: natassja72
The addon is missing Dialogues volume bar that is present in WoW sound options. Also adding option to toggle Headphone mode would be awesome:) I keep switching from speakers to headphones in the evenings and night and have to go through menu and options to adjust it for better audio experience.
File: ModMod02-13-15
Just came in to say a big THANK YOU...
Posted By: natassja72
Just came in to say a big THANK YOU for this addon! It truly is a godsend! I don't own gaming multi-keys mouse and I have always had hard time reaching to Alt and Ctrl thus I'm limited to only Shift modifier and ModMod helped me so much and I created some fancy new keybinds with it :) Edit. The only issue so far I ran into is sett...
File: BuyEmAll12-14-14
There seems to be an issue with Tra...
Posted By: natassja72
There seems to be an issue with Trading Post vendors, that sell stacks of 5 items for 20 resources - the cost of items is incorrectly displayed. (they also sell for 25 or 40 resources, but for the sake of this post I'll focus on 20). For example, if I type to buy 100 items, it displays cost of 2000 resources, while in fact it is 400...
File: BagSync11-05-14
Multiservers support
Posted By: natassja72
Any plans to introduce possibility to search/show items (@bags, @bank etc.) on other servers without having to log on that server? Or at least display BOA items on other servers? And I don't only mean heirlooms; for example I was recently searching for Lesser Pet Treats I had gathered on different toons and servers, I bet there are m...
File: TomTom10-20-14
Posted By: natassja72
Deleted. Did not see the beta files uploaded to wowinterface.
File: AdvancedIconSelector10-02-14
Re: Out of Date
Posted By: natassja72
The addon appears to be out of date for patch 5.4.8, unless I'm mistaken. It doesn't show anything at all in the game so I can't use any of the functions. Working fine for me as of Oct 2, 2014. Not sure how accurate this addon still is, I mean it will probably be missing new WoD spell/icon names if not updated, but as it is now -...
File: ncHoverBind07-28-14
Fantastic addon!
Posted By: natassja72
I've been using it for so long, I run with default action bars so this addon is a bless to bind keys quickly:) It worked perfectly even before last update:)
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends05-14-14
You can sort it any way you want. I...
Posted By: natassja72
You can sort it any way you want. If help tooltips are disabled, turn them back on, the sorting is handled via key combinations and clicking in menu. I don't know combinations off hand. Sorting descriptions seemed very vague; the sorting effect did not match description. I shift+right clicked third column for example and it wasn't...
File: QuestPlates05-07-14
Looks fantastic! Hope it stays upda...
Posted By: natassja72
Looks fantastic! Hope it stays updated for next expansion (cannot remember last time I did quests after leveling my last alt a while ago:))
File: Achieve It05-05-14
Fantastic addon:) Just letting anyo...
Posted By: natassja72
Fantastic addon:) Just letting anyone interested know that it still works well as of May 2014.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends05-03-14
Any way to change sorting of guildm...
Posted By: natassja72
Any way to change sorting of guildmates and friends? I've always had them sorted by guild rank, and all addons either had their own sorting options or followed the default guild roster sorting.
File: FlyoutButton Custom04-26-14
What does this option do?
Posted By: natassja72
"Unique, Only 1 list visible". I've clicked it on and off and nothing seems to change.
File: StatBlock_Folks04-13-14
Remove showing people online on launcher chat
Posted By: natassja72
Ever since Blizzard introduced their launcher chat application, my statBlock Folks tooltip grows twice as much long showing people both in game as well as in blizzard chat. Please add option to only show people IN GAME.
File: _Cursor03-31-14
Addon working ok as of 5.4.7.
Posted By: natassja72
Just to anyone wondering, I've been using the addon for like 2 years now, and it still works flawlessly, no bugs or lua errors. Hopefully it won't break in WoD.
File: BagSync12-11-13
Hi and thanks for your fantastic ad...
Posted By: natassja72
Hi and thanks for your fantastic addon, whoever I recommend it to agrees with me:) Will you make it possible to view account-wide items on other servers now that we can mail them to our alts cross realm? Including opposite faction? So, for example, when I'm wondering if to buy new heirloom, the tooltip will let me see that I alread...
File: NugRunning11-15-13
@d87 ^ Thanks for reply! I would...
Posted By: natassja72
@d87 ^ Thanks for reply! I wouldn't know where to put that command, so I'll stick to what I got now since it works great as it is now:D I'm glad you plan on keeping this up for WoD! Thanks for the addon. It's sooo lightweight and easy on my old, weak laptop. I needed something with ticks for dots and different alpha for t...
File: cargBags Nivaya (RealUI/standalone)09-15-13
Hello, when free space compression...
Posted By: natassja72
Hello, when free space compression is turned off, empty slots are barely visible - they're equally black ish as the background plus their borders are black. Can you possibly do something to change this? Maybe white colored borders, or perhaps make the slots themselves much lighter in color than bags?
File: PlateBuffs05-16-13
I love you. Can't imagine playing w...
Posted By: natassja72
I love you. Can't imagine playing without Plate Buffs any more.
File: Reagent Restocker03-23-13
Keep BoE / soulbound items options inactive
Posted By: natassja72
The 'keep BoE/soubound items' options are inactive/greyed out in options. I would gladly use RR for auto getting rid of unusable stuff if only I could restrict it to soulbound items. Any BOE I could use on my alts. Also, account bound items (from rares or archy) - I wonder if they would get vendored as well if unusable on specific t...
File: Pawn02-16-13
Pawn shows mage values for my monk.
Posted By: natassja72
@VgerAN - Thanks! I was blind not to notice the checkbox at the bottom and "Show scale in tooltip". I looked all over inside options tabs and not at the main screen:) That was a great tip, I already removed unneeded scales from my other characters as well, which I had no idea that it was doable untill now.. ---- Hi, my monk is 30...
File: ncHoverBind01-26-13
I can't thank you enough for this a...
Posted By: natassja72
I can't thank you enough for this addon! After quitting action bar mods and moving back to default action bars, I had hard time redefining keybinds and messing with keybinds menu and this just saved my sanity:)