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File: BulkMail2 (Fan update)11-05-10
Thank you!
Posted By: skwidspawn
Thank you for taking over and maintaining this addon! It's one of the addons I consider necessary to playing the game, I honestly don't know how anyone with more than one crafting character can play without it!
File: NugMiniPet10-16-10
Amazing, thank you so much for the...
Posted By: skwidspawn
Amazing, thank you so much for the update! Looks great and functions even better!
File: NugMiniPet02-23-09
Special pets
Posted By: skwidspawn
This might be a little out of the scope for this addon, which by the way is excellent. I'd like the addon to summon the Blood Parrot or Wolf from the special hats you can get. So say I'm wearing my Bloodsail Admiral's hat, NMP would automatically give priority to the hat pet instead of the regular pets from the pet frame. It's kind o...
File: RuneWatch08-30-08
Posted By: skwidspawn
One of the things I loved about this mod was how simple it was visually, that and it did absolutely everything I needed it to, except show RP (which it now does). Personally not a big fan of the new graphics, and would prefer the addon without the art. Nice work on the RP counter!