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File: TradeTrak01-04-10
More About TradeTrak
Posted By: mwblythe
This mod is designed for use by followers of the Crafters Tome web site, it's not meant to be competitive with other add-ons in terms of features or functionality. Tradetrak does not use keyboard short-cuts, mini-map buttons or any tie-ins with other mods. It uses a simple icon to launch which can be moved anywhere on the screen....
File: TradeTrak05-21-09
Version 1.03 posted
Posted By: mwblythe
Thanks for the kind comments. Version 1.03 was just posted, which contains recipe updates (including gems) through patch 3.1.2. omeglidan, we definitely don't have a mini-map button, and I couldn't find any reference to such in our help file. I'll see about supporting larger page sizes in upcoming version.
File: TradeTrak12-04-08
Friko, you'll be glad to know that...
Posted By: mwblythe
Friko, you'll be glad to know that we added the ability to create a link via SHIFT+click. Try out TradeTrak 1.02 (currently pending approval)