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File: TipTop02-11-10
Editing it further
Posted By: EmpireDawn
Is there a way to edit out the Level+Class+Race line?
File: oUF_Neav02-02-10
Is there a way not to show buffs an...
Posted By: EmpireDawn
Is there a way not to show buffs and debuffs under the player and target unitframes?
File: RantTooltip01-27-10
Awesome. Thanks Stuck :)
Posted By: EmpireDawn
Awesome. Thanks Stuck :)
File: RantTooltip01-26-10
Is there a way to display the healt...
Posted By: EmpireDawn
Is there a way to display the health as percentage below the guild, race etc? I wanted to get rid of the statusbar, but the health percentage would be nice to have.
File: Aloft09-06-09
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I was under the impression that Aloft uses DogTags, but if I try to use a Truncate tag after the I get a tag error. How do you truncate names in Aloft, or is that even possible?
File: PitBull 3.008-06-09
I updated Pitbull 3 to the 3.2 patc...
Posted By: EmpireDawn
I updated Pitbull 3 to the 3.2 patch version and every time I target something new or switch targets I get this 1 second lag spike, where everything freezes. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?
File: ForteXorcist04-15-09
Re: 3.1 Problem
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Okay, this may be the wrong place, but I'll try it anyway. I managed to put my Rapid Fire cooldown on Ignore with the right-click option. And now I can't find the place where I can un-ignore it. Can anyone help me a little? I'm only using the Forte_Core and Forte_Cooldown modules.
File: Debuff Filter and Cooldowns04-14-09
Originally posted by goliath0 The...
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Originally posted by goliath0 The obvious thing to try out is to replace isMine with "caster" in all the calls to UnitAura (or UnitBuff/UnitDebuff), then write local isMine = caster == "player"; Who knows, maybe it's enough to keep this addon going in 3.1 Has anyone tested this yet, or am I too early to ask? Can't log on ye...
File: ButtonFacade_ItemRack09-09-08
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Hi. I've been trying to write BF support for an AddOn called Yet Another Totem AddOn. Its on wowace under the name Yata. So far I've been unsuccessful. Would you mind taking a quick look at it and maybe giving me some pointers?