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File: Chinchilla Minimap10-16-08
Re: Re: Minimap
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Originally posted by Luciant having a similiar problem, if i exit game and then log back in the map isnt where i left (and 'locked') it, it appears in the mid-upperish-right hand corner i had the same problem. I wish the author would respond with a fix or something for us to do to fix it.
File: Omen Threat Meter10-14-08
Originally posted by Spudnik I th...
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Originally posted by Spudnik I think that the developer of Omen had a chance to test it in WotLK so yeah. Other news: WotLK will, as you all know have an embedded threat detection system, so that maybe you can use omen without others having to use it to work. right, if you have omen, then the ohter people do not need to have...
File: Diablo 3 Orbs09-10-08
widening the space
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is there any way you could widen the space in between the orbs. or make a menu that lets the user do this i like the mod, but it could be nice if i could fit all of my action bars into the space along with my minimap in the middle.