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File: CleanChat - Schnoggo Maintenance Release10-31-08
Any progress? A beta or even an alp...
Posted By: Nathanael
Any progress? A beta or even an alpha version since the last release?
File: CleanChat - Schnoggo Maintenance Release10-28-08
Re: 3.x update
Posted By: Nathanael
I'm looking forward for this update. I haven't found another addon allowing to set colors for friends and guildmembers. I'm missing this feature.
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window09-14-08
Link detailed reagents list
Posted By: Nathanael
Great addon :) But I have a feature request to make it even better! With engineering, for exemple, you often have to craft parts to make an item. So, when someone asks you what materials are needed to craft an item, it would be great to be able to link either all the raw materials or every compact reagent list involved in the cre...